Last of the Freaks

Here we go: last of the supernatural characters we’ve created. This is Gerhardt Rothman, a policeman with a dark secret he’s trying to hide from.

I’m working on putting together actual play sessions starting next week, so I hope to have some reports on the actual games around then. I’m going to set the adventures in Magical Winnipeg, and will be brainstorming this weekend. I need to create two separate adventures, each of which may take one or two sessions to play out, because of the size of the group. I’d like to tailor each adventure to the group playing it, but I’m not sure how workable that’s going to be in the time I’ve got.

Anyway, the actual playing is coming up. Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Last of the Freaks

  1. Jonathan says:

    All those characters and no toys. Is it hard to make a Knight of the Sword type character?

  2. Rick Neal says:

    Nope. Dead easy. In fact, Knight of the Sword is already pretty much statted out for you.

    I’m not sure why none of the characters have any special items; just doesn’t go with their play style, I guess. Of course, the wizard and sorcerer can start with some focus items like Harry’s blasting rod or shield bracelet, but my players haven’t made those up yet. I’m interested to see what they do.

  3. Rechan says:

    Rowan did take Alchemy, which may be potion brewing.

    Rowan, one trick you might do is write up plots that tie multiple characters in. That way, you have a better chance of having good hooks, because at least one of those players is likely to show.

  4. Declan Feeney (R00kie) says:

    Interesting – I would have assumed kinetomancy was something which took training, as opposed to something you were born with. It falls into the category of ‘one trick wonders’ but I figured even one trick wonders were taught their trick. Billy and the werewolves etc I always assumed picked up their trick from Tara.

    Of course its a nice concept and theres no reason why wereleopard cannot be a natural trait in your version of the Dresdenverse. Perhaps you could introduce Hexenleopards and Pardus-garou to go with it?

    Once again thanks for giving all this insight into your alpha group. It makes good reading.

  5. Rechan says:

    I imagine that the Hexen-whatever comes in all different stripes. Since the Hexenwolf is just a Spirit of Bestial rage controlling the body, with some sorcerer or demon’s mojo squirted into a talisman, the only thing that’s Wolf related is the hide of the wolf.

    You probably could use any animal. Well, I take that back. A bestial spirit using a bunny doesn’t sound appropriate. You’d probably have to get the right spirit for it. A spirit of Air or Freedom might go along with a talisman to turn you into a bird, compelling you to FLY, or a spirit of Might or Strength might go along with say, an elephant. But for Bestial Rage, probably any big predator would do. I bet a Tiger or a Lion would be more destructive than a wolf, but harder to come by (because tigers and lions are harder to kill, thus harder to make a belt out of). I’d also personally rule that, the larger the animal, the larger the item one must wear: a feathered amulet for a bird, a belt for a wolf, a cloak for a lion, a coat for an elephant.

    I also remember someone in the alpha alpha alpha playtest that Fred and Ron ran that someone played a pizza guy who could turn himself into a raven. So I suspect that “I have a single spell that turns me into a single animal” is not uncommon.

  6. Mike says:

    Why did you choose Winnipeg for your playtest setting?

  7. Rick Neal says:

    Two reasons:

    1. That’s where we live.

    2. We wanted to see how playable a setting we could make it without getting ridiculous.

    The game has a chapter devoted to Dresdenizing your city. Winnipeg is a small, rather boring city by game setting standards, so we figured we’d see what we could do with it. It produced a surprisingly gameable setting, so we’re running with it.

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