Christian Manger

Name: Christian Manger
Address: 121 Kingston Row, Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Cultured ghoul coroner
Personal Struggle:
Balancing his inhuman nature with the needs of both worlds.

Where Did You Come From?
Raised in the Catacombs of Paris, Christian fled with the Clan Dhruzina to the new world in the 1960s. The clan decided that a new modus operandi was needed in this small city in the new world. So Christian was raised with intense demands to conform to the mundane world. He was given a mundane name and drilled constantly on maintaining his human identity. Along with this went exhausting and extremely painful lessons in maintaining his human seeming. And, because being found out was inevitable, he was trained to fight. And to kill. All of his family maintain human identities. Some are rarely seen in the streets of St. Vital, such as Pappap Manger, a doddering oldster in human guise, who has ruled the Clan with an iron claw for nearly two centuries. Others are often about, running the popular butcher shop Sawney Meats [St. Mary’s Road], or as city workers in Water and Waste Management. Christian is the first Manger to move away from these trades and from the small block of businesses and upstairs flats that house the rest of the Clan. His relations with Pappap Manger have been rather strained since, but his status as Inquisitor to the Red Court has made the old patriach adopt a wait-and-see attitude toward the peccadilloes of his ‘grandson’.

What Shapes You?
For decades the members of the Dhruzhina have struggled to hide within mortal society. Christian read voraciously as he grew and excelled in medical school, but had little empathy or time for patients. He hoped to become a surgeon and had the skills and dedication necessary, but his self-discipline was not up to the task of controlling his appetites around living patients. Thus he came to work among the dead, as a City of Winnipeg Coroner. Raised to fake humanity, he is drawn to it, desires deeply to experience it. Thus he moved away from the Clan stronghold and maintains as much of the fiction of his mundane life as he is able.

What’s Your First Novel?
The Red Inquisitor
During a bitterly cold winter, a series of mangled corpses turn up on Christian’s table, and he is hard put to cover up the supernatural connection from the media. When Madelein de la Neiges, the mistress of the local Red Court, appears and saddles him with the duties of the Red Inquisitor, he finds that similar murders have plagued the vampires of the city. Manger combines science and inhuman tenacity to uncover and destroy the Wendigo responsible. When Christian comes poking around the Assiniboine Forest, Crazy Tom is sent to chase him off, but winds up siding with him and persuading the Bramble King to allow the search of the wild places of the city. Working on the more mundane side of the crime, Lucky is placed right into the heart of the gruesome investigation, where he finds Christian working on it, as well. Adding his side of the case, Julian speeds the solving of the crime.


  • Secrets of the dead
  • “The truth is more terrible than you can imagine.”
  • In the middle of it
  • An awful hunger, a terrible strength, and the will to rule them both
  • The Red Inquisitor
  • “Nothing  escapes me.”
  • “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”


  • Might (Superb +5)
  • Discipline (Superb +5)
  • Scholarship (Great +4)
  • Endurance (Great +4)
  • Investigation (Good +3)
  • Fists (Good +3)
  • Intimidation (Fair +2)
  • Athletics (Fair +2)
  • Lore (Fair +2)
  • Alertness (Average +1)
  • Deceit (Average  +1)
  • Presence (Average +1)
  • Stealth (Average  +1)
  • Resources (Average +1)


  • Permission: Ghoul [-1]
  • Claws[-1]
  • Supernatural Strength [-4]
  • Supernatural Toughness [-4]
  • Mundane Form [+2]

Refresh Rate: 2

Fate Points: 2

Player: Clint

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