Anne Carriere

Name: Anne Carriere
Address: 15-365 Des Meurons, Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Apprentice Pyrotechnician

Personal Struggle:
I couldn’t save Natalie

Where Did You Come From?
Born and raised in St. Boniface, the French Quarter of Winnipeg. Anne and her identical twin sister Natalie spent occasional summers traveling with their extended family, setting up and helping out the family business: Archangel Fireworks. Anne started apprenticing as a fireworks tech when she was 16.

What Shapes You?
Natalie and Anne were walking through The Forks after a Canada Day fireworks display, sometime after midnight. Natalie was quite agitated and was trying to tell Anne something very important when she was struck by an odd shaped stone. Anne thought she saw an odd looking creature running away in the darkness. To this day, her sister remains catatonic, living in Tache Nursing Home.

What’s Your First Novel?
False Stars
While Anne’s twin sister Natalie remains in Tache Nursing Home, Anne follows a secret path in the Assiniboine Forest where she finds the bodies a several street people. With a handy chemical cocktail and a lit fuse, she releases the last of the would-be victims from the Dark Fae. Crazy Tom brings her information from his sprite caretakers that lets her track down the Dark Fae larder of street people. Artemus helps Anne find the other would-be victims by deciphering an old Fae map for her.


  • Just a few household chemicals in the proper proportions…
  • “Not on my watch!”
  • Twin sister, Natalie.
  • Through the looking glass.
  • “What do you mean… you lit that?”
  • Someone to watch over me.
  • Better to light a candle…


  • Alertness (Great +4)
  • Craftsmanship (Great +4)
  • Scholarship (Great +4)
  • Discipline (Good +3)
  • Investigation (Good +3)
  • Resources (Good +3)
  • Conviction (Fair +2)
  • Driving (Fair +2)
  • Endurance (Fair +2)
  • Athletics (Average +1)
  • Contacts (Average +1)
  • Empathy (Average +1)
  • Fists (Average +1)
  • Lore (Average +1)
  • Performance (Average +1)
  • Rapport (Average +1)
  • Survival (Average +1)


  • Paranoid? Probably – Anne gains +2 to Alertness when rolling against surprise.
  • Jury Rigger – Anne has a talent for improvising with available materials. Any increases to difficulty based on poor tools or materials are reduced by 2.
  • Capable Researcher – Any scholarly research Anne does is completed two time increments faster than usual.
  • High-Quality Workspace – Anne’s personal workspace quality is equal to her Resources.
  • Unshakeable – When defending against psychological assault with a Discipline, any of your Aspects that get tagged provide only a +1.

Refresh Rate: 5

Fate Points: 5

Player: Sandy

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