Sydney Rae

Name: Sydney Rae
Address: 330 Chelsea Ave, Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Counselor, ex-White Court Junkie

Personal Struggle:
Craves the high but hates the unholy

Where Did You Come From?
Raised in a family dominated by a violent father. Sydney learned early how to hide from his fists. At the age of 13, she was given an Ouija Board that upped her terror of “things that go bump in the night.” She grew up lost, lonely, and frightened, excelling academically but drifting through life seeking excitement and safety through the mystical and martial arts.

What Shapes You?
She was recruited into a Pentecostal church infiltrated by the White Court and explored the thrill of divine and dark supernatural highs. The sensation of divine love was bastardized, leaving her feeling misused by God and some indefinable evil. She tried to leave, but the highs and her fascination for “something out there” kept drawing her back. Finally, Hedy, a friend outside the church, frees her with a Renunciation. She becomes a counselor with a hate on for the White Court.

What’s Your First Novel?
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
People are dying in the Pentecostal church that Sydney Rae has begun to attend, but when her friend dies during a prayer session, she senses something sinister is working through the church. Can Sydney overcome her fear of God in time to strengthen her faith to stop the White Court’s predations? While on the run from the church, Sydney Rae meets Brickhead who gives her his protection and a place to hide. Sydney Rae brings Lyn someone drained by the pastor, but Lyn is unable to save him.


  • Ex-junkie with her fingers in the fire.
  • Looking for life in unusual places.
  • The best defense is a stealthy offense.
  • Bane of the White Court.
  • Appearances can be deceiving.
  • Rising from the ashes and mad as hell.
  • An angry fortress is my God.


  • Alertness (Superb +5)
  • Conviction (Superb +5)
  • Lore (Great +4)
  • Discipline (Great +4)
  • Athletics (Good +3)
  • Empathy (Good +3)
  • Stealth (Fair +2)
  • Endurance (Fair +2)
  • Presence (Fair +2)
  • Fists (Average +1)
  • Burglary (Average +1)
  • Deceit (Average +1)
  • Investigation (Average +1)


  • Tower of Faith – Given the chance to pray, Sydney gains Armor: 1 against any mental stress.
  • Finely-Tuned Third Eye – Growing up with “things that go bump in the night,” Sydney has developed an unusual sensitivity to the presence of the supernatural. Gain +2 to Lore whenever using it as an Alertness substitute to pick up on the presence of the supernatural.
  • Social Graces – A violent father taught Sydny to have a keen awareness of the ebb and flow of social situations, giving her the advantage of being master of her circumstances. When determining initiative in social conflict, gain +2 to Empathy.
  • Blend In – If there’s a crowd to hide in, Sydney gains +2 to her Stealth rolls, particularly useful when shadowing someone on foot.
  • Honest Lies – There’s nothing like a lie to evade danger. Adding a smattering of the truth to make a lie more believable, she gains +2 on efforts to pass off the lie portion as truth.

Refresh Rate:5

Fate Points:5

Player: Fera

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