Lucky Firth

Name: Julian “Lucky” Firth
Address: Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: A lucky Special Investigations officer
Personal Struggle:
Luck is stolen from others. Can he live with that?

Where Did You Come From?
Julian had a normal childhood, living in a nice house on the Red River. He lived with his parents and his brother. Julian loved to explore his city, wandering through the streets and canoeing on the water. They lived happy enough until just after Julian turned 16 and his brother drowned.

What Shapes You?
Julian’s brother went out canoeing one morning, and was found face down in the water three hours later. The same day, Julian’s father won a $50 million jackpot in the lottery. From that point on, his life has been a parade of luck – good and bad.

What’s Your First Novel?
While working on a Special Investigations case, Julian finds his strange luck has been stolen. The case involves a man who was being held downtown for questioning after he alleged walked into a bank and stole 2.1 million dollars. Three guards were knocked out after they slipped on a wet floor while he walked into the vault which had been opened for an inspection. Now the criminal has escaped (after a guard had the keys fall off his belt by the cell), and Julian has no more luck to catch him. Eventually Julian catches him at his own game by using the criminal’s good luck against him, returning the luck to Julian in the process. Elain discovers the thief has ties to the Red Court, and agrees to help Julian by setting a trap for the thief. The thief evades the trap – they had hired a wizard to set up a spell to ensnare him – but a screaming banshee startles him and the thief flails into the ward, and Julian’s luck returns.


  • Luck favours the bold
  • Karma is a balancing act
  • “I know this city like the back of my hand.”
  • “Bad luck for Bonzo, good luck for me.”
  • Spread the luck
  • Cop of good intentions
  • Gruesome deaths


  • Guns (Superb +5)
  • Endurance (Superb +5)
  • Athletics (Great +4)
  • Investigation (Great +4)
  • Alertness (Good +3)
  • Discipline (Good +3)
  • Driving (Fair +2)
  • Contacts (Fair +2)
  • Resources (Fair +2)
  • Survival (Average +1)
  • Might (Average +1)
  • Intimidation (Average +1)
  • Empathy (Average +1)
  • Weapons (Average +1)


  • Permission: Minor Talent [0]
  • Strange Luck [-2]
  • Wizard’s Constitution [0]
  • Fast Reload – Provided he has a supply of ammo, reloads are rarely an issue for Lucky. When he must reload, he takes no penalty when doing it as a supplementary action; if he’s in a race to see who reloads first, or anything else having to do with his speed or ability to reload, he gains +1 on the roll.

Refresh Rate: 7

Fate Points: 7

Player: Kieran

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