Rowan Aurelian

Name: Rowan Aurelian
Address: 202 Middle Gate, Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Rebel Wizard Princess
Personal Struggle:
Coasting on family reputation vs. personal development

Where Did You Come From?
Born to parents who are both White Council wizards of ancient lineage, Rowan is reaised with all of the advantages and pressures of their expectations for her. Private school education at Balmoral Hall for girls combined with wizardly lessons at home.

What Shapes You?
In her teens, Rowan rebels, begins to cut class and run around with unsavory, dangerous people, both mundane and magical. A magical prank goes wrong and another young wizard is badly injured. None of the unforgivable rules are broken but Rowan is disgraced, her family is embarrassed, and she is punished.

What’s Your First Novel?
New Game in Town
Rowan stumbles across evidence of a group of renegade wizards and sorcerers who are positioning themselves to work against the White Council (they view themselves as revolutionaries). Still trying to atone for her mistakes, Rowan uses her reputation as a troublemaker to infiltrate their group and bring them down. Gerhardt learns that Rowan’s cover will be blown unless she can be extracted from the take-down situation quickly. Unwilling to reveal himself to the White Council, he calls in the Sweepers (members of a special police task force) and has Rowan arrested and removed before the White Council raid takes place. When the Wardens arrive, the renegades find that many of the components for their wards – bought at great expense from Amadan – are fake, and quickly fall to White Council forces.


  • Scion of an ancient wizarding family
  • “Let’s do this the easy way.”
  • Heir to hidden knowledge
  • A wizard’s mistakes are big and messy
  • An instinct for wrongness
  • Quick reactions are not enough
  • “It’s good to be owed favours.”


  • Lore (Superb +5)
  • Conviction (Superb +5)
  • Discipline (Great +4)
  • Alertness (Great +4)
  • Athletics (Good +3)
  • Deceit (Good +3)
  • Endurance (Fair +2)
  • Rapport (Fair +2)
  • Presence (Fair +2)
  • Fists (Average +1)
  • Guns (Average +1)
  • Burglary (Average +1)
  • Resources (Average +1)
  • Stealth (Average +1)


  • Permission: Wizard (-1)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Soulgaze (-1)
  • Wizard’s Constitution (0)
  • Evocation (spirit, power) (-2)
  • Thaumaturgy (alchemy) (-2)

Refresh Rate: 3

Fate Points: 3

Player: Penny

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