Bone Thugs

Villainous Organization

The Bone Thugs are a biker gang in the city.  They’ve always been chaotic and violent, but lately they’ve also become more organized and wily. They are currently taking over more and more territory through a combination of tactical sophistication and clever trickery. This is because their leader, Mandible, is possessed by an old ghost who has lived through many lifetimes of warfare, and is finally leading them effectively.


I only realized after the pitch session that the Bone Thugs were a villainous organization and that I should have had the group come up with some facts. So, no facts from anyone else. Just what I’ve posted above.

Scale: Local


Slogan: We Will End You!

Secrets: ?, ?, ?1


  • Anarchy, Good (+3)
  • Plutocracy, Fair (+2)
  • Technocracy, Fair (+2)
  • Totalitarianism, Average (+1)


  • Deliver a warning message. Also, a beating.
  • Shake down a business.
  • Go to war with a rival gang.
  • Set a clever trap.
  • Inflict terror and property damage on civilians.

Stat Blocks

Single Gang Member

Bone Thug, Average (+1); Undisciplined, Terrible (-2)



Bone Thug Partners, Average (+1); Undisciplined, Terrible (-2)

Stress (1) (1)


Hit Team

Bone Thug Hit Team, Average (+1); Undisciplined, Terrible (-2)

Stress (2) (2)     +1 Teamwork

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