Villainous Organization

The Ghostmasters are an ancient group of necromancers, drawn from across the globe. They co-operate on some unknown plan, but tend to bicker and jockey for supremacy over each other. The obvious results of their machinations is to sow terror and chaos, using ghosts summoned from the grave and often seeded into innocent vessels to mature and grow in power.


  • Each member comes from a different culture or tradition (Taoist, Voodoo, etc.)
  • There is a lot of in-fighting and conflicting priorities among the members
  • The members love to gamble and place bets, which is how they compete for primacy in the group.
  • They are all terrified of non-existence, the worst fate they can imagine for anyone

Scale: International


Slogan: Voices From Beyond

Secrets: ?, ?, ? ((Like I’m going to put the secrets out here where any old players can come along and read them.))


  • Anarchy, Great (+4)
  • Plutocracy, Good (+3)
  • Totalitarianism, Good (+3)
  • Technocracy, Fair (+2)


  • Send ghostly ninjas to attack.
  • Possess someone important.
  • Start a proxy war with another member.
  • Unleash a deadly ghost.
  • Let a game or bet get out of hand.

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