ShotC Playtest Samples


The good folks at Evil Hat Productions have let me in on the beta playtest of Shadow of the Century. As they did with the Dresden Files RPG playtest, they had me sign a Disclosure Pledge, to talk about the game ((Without going into specifics, because it’s not the finalized rule set.)) in public. So, here are some of the bits we’ve come up with for our playtest.

Ghostpuncher I: Legacy of the Voicless Dragon

The last disciple of the Voiceless Dragon hunts the Ghostmasters, a group of necromancers who slaughtered his sifu for teaching ancient Kung Fu exorcism techniques. Now, he is drawn to a city in turmoil, for the Ghostmasters are here, playing their strange and wicked games. His only help is a small group of outcasts and freaks: an old friend of his sifu, with many secrets hidden in his past; a young woman who can see and speak to ghosts; and a half-crazy inventor trying to repair a broken world. Together, they must stand against the chaos and madness the Ghostmasters are unleashing on an unsuspecting populace.

Player Characters

New Roles

  • Haunted (Gonzo) – Awareness, Persuade, Insight, Contacts
  • Kung Fu Exorcist (Gonzo) – Awareness, Fight, Knowledge, Will
  • Prana Warrior (Gonzo) - Awareness, Shoot, Will, Insight
  • Scholar – Contacts, Insight, Knowledge, Will

Other Characters

  • Anthony Van Der Waal – Cannot read, but can talk to animals. Ghost musician.
  • Anton Wiederman – Maintenance worker for the transit authority. Sir Anton the Wide of the Kingdom Underground.
  • Charlotte Cuthbert – Teenage runaway. Has an ear to the ground, but a brain often liquified by drugs.
  • Dr. Eugene Mokebe – In love with his assistant. Selfish and greedy.
  • Dr. Lisman – Obsessed by germs. Virtuoso of surgery.
  • Ellen Shortbooke – Builds Furniture. Uses splinters as weapons.
  • Forrest Larson – Mentalist and illusionist. Lives off a trust fund created as a settlement for him after his parents were killed in a plane crash.
  • Geraldine Casarez – Devout Catholic. Purifies her wicked thoughts by counting rosary beads, necklace chain links, buttons, raindrops…
  • Hyde Mode – Serial Killer by night. Wracked by syphilis.
  • Jakob Yukovich – Has a secret flying skateboard. Is being trained as Kabbalah master and successor to the great Rabbi Zev.
  • Jenny Buccacino – Knows all the right people. Is insufferable to be around.
  • Julie Dupree – Only eats pureed food. Billionaire heiress.
  • Juergin Goethe – Radio DJ. Elaborate and immaculately groomed facial hair.
  • Lionel Poole – News reporter. Once revealed a source to impress a police detective he’s attracted to.
  • Lonnie Podgorski – Small-time B&E crook. Carries a multi-purpose snake.
  • Mack Fenderson – Delusions of self-importance. Has a collection of troll dolls (possibly evil).
  • Matahuxee Mack – Heart as big as all outdoors. Falls from even the most obvious lies.
  • Mia Song – Owns a talent studio. Owes a lot of money to a Puerto Rican mobster.
  • Missie Corradino – Crazy cat lady who believes she’s living with 17.5 cats. Ghost writer of celebrity autobiographies.
  • Moog – Robot with a heart of gold. The ladies love him.
  • Rahim Abderahman – Crippled by insomnia. Has memorized Encyclopedia Brittanica 1973.


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