Gerhardt Rothman

Name: Gerhardt Rothman
Address: 236 Sharp St. Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Officer of Operation Clean Sweep, closet kinetomancer
Personal Struggle:
Gifted to fight, fighting the gift

Where Did You Come From?
Raised in Steinbach by a man who hauled young Gerhardt out to hunt imaginary monsters. Ridiculed by the towns people, hating his father’s eccentric behavior, he nevertheless used his fists to defend his family’s honor. He was a mediocre student preferring to play hooky with his rifle. When his father’s mental state radically degraded, he left, drifting across Canada from one odd job to another.

What Shapes You?
Marries Jade, unaware she is a wereleopard who is trying to leave the “life”. When the Clan attacks, Gerhardt’s latent kinetomancy explodes, killing their daughter Katrina, “Cat”. Forced by the White Council to train, he turns his back on them, hating this gift. But he knows now that his father’s monsters are real. He joins the Winnipeg police force for the chance to fight the monsters with the “natural” means his father taught him.

What’s Your First Novel?
Gerhardt’s unit is called in to investigate a strange gang killing. Unwilling to jeopardize an uneasy alliance with the Sweepers, he goes in loaded for bear. But when he comes up against the angry spirits from a war torn continent, things fly apart—literally. Amadan, who has been selling fake jewelry to the gang, is almost caught up in the conflict but persuades Gerhardt to let him go in return for setting the shaman up for the Sweepers to take down. Thorne, hunting one of the spirits within the gang, recognizes a common agenda with Gerhardt. Unleashing his shadowy abilities, he holds some of the gang at bay while the Sweepers mop up.


  • For the love of my two cat-eyed women
  • “I keep seeing their faces.”
  • The best closing argument is punctuated with a fist
  • It bumps in the night, it’s goin’ down
  • Ramped up and loaded for bear
  • Uneasy alliances
  • Turning over rocks, looking for maggots


  • Conviction (Superb +5)
  • Athletics (Great +4)
  • Fists (Great +4)
  • Guns (Great +4)
  • Discipline (Good +3)
  • Investigation (Good +3)
  • Endurance (Good +3)
  • Deceit (Fair +2)
  • Weapons (Fair +2)
  • Presence (Fair +2)
  • Contacts (Average +1)
  • Rapport (Average +1)
  • Lore (Average +1)


  • Permission: Focused Practioner (kinetomancy)(-1)
  • Channeling (kinetomancy) (-1)
  • No pain, no gain – can take a lot of punishment before it starts to add up. Take 2 additional minor physical consequences.
  • Too fast to hit – when making a full defense, Gerhardt takes no penalty for moving one zone and gains an additional +1 to the roll (total of 3).
  • Honest Lies – Gerhardt lies to keep his gift and guilt secret. Whenever he incorporates a real, valuable piece of the truth (however marginally valuable it may be) into a lie, he gains +2 on his efforts to pass off the untrue parts.
  • Quick Eye – when examining a location for clues, his eye is quick to pick out the visual details. His first Investigation roll to determine deeper details about a scene is 2 time increments faster than usual.

Refresh Rate: 4

Fate Points: 4

Player: Fera

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