Doctor Zero

Refresh: 2

High Concept: Spirit of the Weird (Spirit)

Trouble: Weird Old Coot

Call to Action: The Centre Cannot Hold

War Stories:

Joined the Group:

Roles: Scholar, Face, Leader


  • Athletics Mediocre(+0)
  • Awareness Mediocre (+0)
  • Burglary Mediocre (+0)
  • Computers Mediocre (+0)
  • Contacts Fair (+2)
  • Drive (Mediocre) (+0)
  • Fight (Meiocre) (+0)
  • Gadgetry Mediocre (+0)
  • Insight Superb (+5)
  • Knowledge Fantastic (+6)
  • Persuade Superb (+5)
  • Provoke Average (+1)
  • Resources Average (+1)
  • Shoot Mediocre (+0)
  • Stealth Mediocre (+0)
  • Will Good (+3)


  • Practicum Esoterica (Spirit) - Combination of I Disbelieve and using the same skill substitution for Fight.
  • Seems Legit
  • Just The Thing - Once per episode, when faced with something weird and otherworldly, you may declare that you have just the thing to deal with it. Tell us about whatever item you have that can handle the problem. It immediately negates one thing: an attack, aspect, or nameless foe. Then, it’s used up.

Crossing Paths

  • Hank – Interceded just before Hank threw the switch on his new Tillinghast Resonator.
  • Ike – Met when Doctor Zero visited the Temple of the Voiceless Dragon, to meet with fellow Centurion, the Voiceless Dragon.
  • Deetz - Doctor Zero is acting as a surrogate grandfather to Deetz.
  • Ia - After the disastrous results of Ia first using her Prana abilities, the mysterious Doctor Zero showed up to give her some basic training.

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