Crazy Tom, Supernatural Remix

Name: Morris “Crazy Tom” Thompson
Address: The streets of Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Crazy street person herald of the small faeries
Personal Struggle:
Caught between the deadly beauty of the Nevernever and the deadly ugliness of the mundane world.

Where Did You Come From?
Morris was an up-and-coming corporate lawyer who followed a faerie piper into the Nevernever, but is tossed back out after the faeries have their fun. Obsessed with what he had seen, he abandoned his job, friends, and family, trying to find his way back using drugs and alcohol. Wound up obviously delusional on the streets.

What Shapes You?
One night, he finally found what he was looking for: a faerie. It happened to be an ogre, menacing a group of sprites and pixies, but that didn’t matter much to Crazy Tom. The ogre beat him to within an inch of his life, but backed off when Tom wouldn’t stop laughing and cheering. He was cared for by the smaller faeries until he healed, and they taught him some of the ways of faerie life. Now the lesser faeries of the city look out for Crazy Tom, as the faeries have often done for the mad, and use him to interact with the mundane world.

What’s Your First Novel?
And I For Sorrow Sung
Tom falls in love with a busker at the Forks. The faeries, seeking to make him happy, work a love charm on her, but she winds up caught between two factions of faerie rivals, and Tom must release her and send her away to save her life. The busker is led away from the Forks by a pale woman to the safety of the Basilica, where the ghost vanishes after climbing up the nonexistent stairs to the bell tower. After stumbling upon Tom’s problem, Elain helps him distract the warring factions enough for Madeline to lead the busker to safety. Meanwhile, Paul happens to find the hidden busker quite accidentally. He investigates and his magics interfere with the faerie charm, making him the object of her desires. They spend a night of passion together and the faerie charm is released. With nothing to fight over, the faeries move on and a heartbroken Tom wanders away. Matthew brings Tom an offer of forgetfulness from Anubis, which Tom accepts.


  • Herald of the Assiniboine Ramble
  • Torn between two worlds
  • “I used to be somebody.”
  • Pledged to the Bramble King
  • “I Once Loved a Lass…”
  • Just sane enough to be dangerous
  • Mad general of a ragged army


  • Lore (Superb +5)
  • Survival (Superb +5)
  • Endurance (Great +4)
  • Stealth (Great +4)
  • Contacts (Good +3)
  • Deceit (Good +3)
  • Athletics (Fair +2)
  • Empathy (Fair +2)
  • Alertness (Fair +2)
  • Presence (Average +1)
  • Discipline (Average +1)
  • Conviction (Average +1)
  • Weapons (Average +1)
  • Fists (Average +1)


  • Urban Primitive – Crazy Tom has been surviving on the streets a long time. When in an urban environment, his Scavenging rolls are made at +1, and the time between multiple Survival rolls for a prolonged stay is increased by one increment.
  • Permission: Emissary of Power (Herald of the Assiniboine Ramble) (-1)
  • Glamours (-2)
  • Marked by Power (-1)
  • Ragtag Army: Given a little time to prepare, Crazy Tom can use his Contacts skill to gather together a small band of street people who owe him favours, and will follow him into battle. Roll Contacts: divide the resulting score between number of Average minions Tom gathers and reducing the time interval from one day.

Refresh Rate:4

Fate Points:4

Player: Rick

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