Elaine De La Roche

Name: Elaine De La Roche
Address: Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Half vampire of the Order of St. Giles
Personal Struggle:
Bloodlust vs. Humanity

Where Did You Come From?
Born to Metis parents, Elaine grew up in low income, but happy family before her younger brother went missing when she was 18.

What Shapes You?
Two years after her brother goes missing, she finds him in a club downtown. She discovers too late that he is a Red Court Vampire, and is stopped from becomeing a full Vampire herself, by a member of The Order of St. Giles.

What’s Your First Novel?
Back Alleys & Bite Marks
After being bitten, Elaine joins The Order of St. Giles. Soon she is sent back to Winnipeg to track down a Vampire preying on the homelisee, but things are more complicated than they seem.When Elain tries to get information on earlier deaths, she encounters Manger, who helps her narrow down the numberof suspects.In her investigations, Elain encounters Crazy Tom & the group of homeless soldiers that he and the fairies have created to drive off the rampaging Vampire.


  • Bite marks
  • On a short leash
  • Big sister
  • “I will be strong.”
  • Champion of the helpless
  • “I have a plan…”
  • Always ready to help


  • Weapons (Superb +5)
  • Discipline (Superb +5)
  • Guns (Great +4)
  • Alertness (Great +4)
  • Endurance (Good +3)
  • Conviction (Good +3)
  • Lore (Fair +2)
  • Athletics (Fair +2)
  • Fists (Fair +2)
  • Deceit (Average +1)
  • Contacts (Average +1)
  • Driving (Average +1)
  • Presence (Average +1)
  • Resources (Average +1)


  • Permission: Red Court Infected (-1)
  • Inhuman Strength (-2)
  • Inhuman Speed (-2)
  • Blood Drinker (0)
  • Feeding Dependency (+1)
  • Addictive Saliva (-1)
  • Tattoos of St. Giles (-1)

Refresh Rate: 4

Fate Points: 4

Player: Vicky

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