Sundog Millionaires: Pirates of the Mollek Nebula, Part Two

Here’s the adventure log for the past session. We had a bit of an awkward change of characters in the middle of the adventure: Hal’s player wasn’t able to make the previous session, and Jopsi’s player couldn’t make this one. To deal with this, I rather heavy-handedly changed the last … Continue reading

Pandemonium: Gun Bust

Last Friday was our first session of my new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying campaign, Pandemonium. We had previously done a setting creation session, and a character creation session, and now we were finally getting to play. In between the completion of the character creation session and the actual play session, there … Continue reading

Sundog Millionaires: Pirates of the Mollek Nebula, Part One

Here’s the Adventure Log entry for this past session. This past session was a little1 less focused than the previous one. I presented the group with a fairly open plot – seek out the stolen MacGuffin – and let them decide how they wanted to solve it. Now, with most … Continue reading

Sundog Millionaires: Escape From Soab

Last Sunday, we finally managed to get the gang together for our first Fate Core Star Wars session. I spent the first part of the session going over how the system worked – the Ladder, rolling Fate dice, the different outcomes, the different action types, using Fate points, and compels. Then, … Continue reading