Name: Amadan
Address: 46 Macmillan Ave., Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Trickster Spirit Changeling of the Summer Court
Personal Struggle:
How high can I climb before I fall?

Where Did You Come From?
Raised by his human father in Pinawa, MB. Ran away to Vancouver, BC, when he was 15, and lived on the streets for a few years until he got good enough at the cons he was running to afford rent.

What Shapes You?
Successful at 25, the Summer Knight found him and revealed his true heritage: his mother was a trickster vixen faerie of the Summer Court. Amadan dove right into his fey heritage, but ran afoul of a group of Winter Ogres. On the run from the vengeful, humourless brutes, he wound up back in Winnipeg, once again making his money through cons and shady dealings.

What’s Your First Novel?
Coin Toss
Amadan gets word of a valuable coin collection having a private showing a the Fort Garry Hotel. He sneaks in, intending to steal a few of the more valuable pieces, and makes off with a cursed set of Tibetan Temple Coins. He is pursued for days by different groups that want them back, finally fleeing to the Whiteshell, where he persuades a water nymph to hide the coins in her demesne. Investigating the set of coins to stop them from falling into the hands of a mysterious stranger, Thorne assists Amadan with their delivery to the water nymph. Rowan strikes up a conversation with Amadan in a bar and he convinces her to create a ward to hide him and the coins from detection long enough for him to get out of town.


  • “That’ll fox the bastards!”
  • “What could possibly go wrong?”
  • Living by my wits
  • Get while the getting’s good
  • “I’ll owe you one. I’m good for it.”
  • Born and bred in the briar patch
  • Caveat emptor


  • Deceit (Superb +5)
  • Rapport (Superb +5)
  • Empathy (Great +4)
  • Discipline (Great +4)
  • Athletics (Good +3)
  • Alertness (Good +3)
  • Lore (Fair +2)
  • Contacts (Fair +2)
  • Resources (Fair +2)
  • Endurance (Average +1)
  • Presence (Average +1)
  • Conviction (Average +1)
  • Weapons (Average +1)
  • Stealth (Average +1)


  • Permission: Changeling (Mother was Summer Court vixen trickster) (-1)
  • Glamours (-2)
  • Inhuman Speed (-2)
  • Best Foot Forward – People just like Amadan, especially when he’s deliberately trying to make a good impression. A failure on a Rapport roll cannot degrade someone’s default opinion of Amadan, and he gains a +1 on his roll to make a good impression.

Refresh Rate: 4

Fate Points: 4

Player: Rick

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