Matthew Cross

Name: Matthew Lucas Cross
Address: Tache Hall, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Emissary of death
Personal Struggle:
Duty or death

Where Did You Come From?
Matthew grew up in rural Manitoba, a small town sports star. He came to Winnipeg on a basketball scholarship to the U of M, where he is studying engineering.

What Shapes You?
In a hazing prank gone horribly wrong, Matthew was left tied to a tree in the middle of winter. He died, and was met by the Old God Anubis, who offered to return him to life in return for his service in the living world. Matthew agreed.

What’s Your First Novel?
Six Pretty Maidens to Bear My Pall
Matthew is guided by Anubis to a gang of Valkyrie bikers from Gimli, searching for a missing one of their number.He uncovers the plot of a warlock to sacrifice her to gain power over death, and frees her and her sisters for vengeance by giving them the warlock’s True Name. Matthew asks Paul for help with the warlock, who is no friend of Paul’s. Paul uses the warlock’s true name to barter the warlock’s soul to Death before the Valkyrie’s sacrifice is complete. When the warlock strikes the death blow upon the valkyrie, he is betrayed by his own body, and the athame is sunk deep into the warlock’s own chest. Crazy Tom, who has been hanging around trying to pick up the hot Valkyries, lends his glamours to the effort, allowing the team to sneak up on the warlock.


  • Voice of Anubis
  • “I serve to live.”
  • Golden boy
  • “I have seen both sides of the curtain.”
  • The secret power of names
  • “There will be a reckoning.”
  • Messenger and message both


  • Athletics (Superb +5)
  • Presence (Superb +5)
  • Endurance (Great +4)
  • Conviction (Great +4)
  • Discipline (Good +3)
  • Scholarship (Good +3)
  • Lore (Fair +2)
  • Fists (Fair +2)
  • Rapport (Fair +2)
  • Stealth (Average +1)
  • Deceit (Average +1)
  • Alertness (Average +1)
  • Empathy (Average +1)
  • Might (Average +1)


  • Permission: Emissary of Power (Anubis) (-1)
  • Marked by Power (-1)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Soulgaze (-1)
  • Inhuman Recovery (-1)
  • Occultist (Mortal Practitioners/True Names) – Anubis gives Matthew information on mortal practitioners, and he gains a +1 bonus when researching them. He gains an additional +1 (+2 total) when researching their True Names.
  • Personal Magnetism - There’s something about Matthew that others find appealing. When rolling Presence to establish a passive reaction, he makes the roll at +2.

Refresh Rate: 4

Fate Points: 4

Player: Rick

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