Jimmy Swan

Name: James Leonard Swan
Address: Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: “Special” Organized Crime Unit  Detective
Personal Struggle:
My brother’s keeper
Where Did You Come From?
Grew up on Peguis First Nation reserve. The older of two brothers, born to a Caucasian father and Native mother.  The parents remained unmarried. The boys took their mother’s name as a last name. Both Jim and his brother,  Silniss, became members of a youth gang on the reserve. Early on, Jim displayed a knack for detail and observation.

What Shapes You?
In their late teens, a gang war erupted between rival members of their crew. This ended with Silniss murdering one of the former members. Charges were laid by the authorities, but lack of evidence saw Silniss released. It was during this ordeal that Jim came under the positive influence of a local band constable. When his family moved to Winnipeg with the hope of starting anew and escaping the gang influence on the reserve, Jim vowed to leave his previous life of crime behind. The impression made by the constable was the man influence in his decision to finish high school and pursue a career in law enforcement with the Winnipeg Police Service. Silniss Swan continued his involvement with gangs and organized crime, becoming a member of the 13 23 Crew, an offshoot of the Manitoba Warriors. Jim’s exposure to the supernatural elements of Winnipeg came through his investigations as a police officer. His unique experiences with the gang element of the city saw him promoted to a specialized section of the Organized Crime Unit. His brother’s continued involvement with the criminal underworld is of great concern to Jim and is a heavy burden on his family. He knows he may have to arrest or kill his sibling if they cross paths at the wrong time.

What’s Your First Novel?
Brother’s Blood
Silniss Swan tries to rally the ranks of the supernatural underworld, sparking a bloody turf war. Jim and the Winnipeg OCU struggle to contain the violence. Jim is torn between his brother’s salvation and the good of the many, finally sacrificing the chance to bring his brother back from the brink in order to save an innocent. Iris tries to warn some of the gang members that they must be careful or the agents of the alien coalition will get them, and warns them when the police are coming. After Silniss vanishes in the mystical battle, Jim asks Brickhead to check his underworld contacts for word of his brother, but there is none.


  • Cop in a strange land.
  • Big brother.
  • It takes one to know one.
  • “It may have horns, but it’s still under arrest!”
  • Brothers in arms.
  • To serve and protect.
  • Thin blue line.


  • Alertness (Superb +5)
  • Investigation (Superb +5)
  • Stealth (Great +4)
  • Lore (Great +4)
  • Contacts (Good +3)
  • Athletics (Good +3)
  • Resources (Fair +2)
  • Driving (Fair +2)
  • Scholarship (Fair +2)
  • Discipline (Average +1)
  • Fists (Average +1)
  • Guns (Average +1)


  • Corner of My Eye – A successful passive Alertness roll for the purposes of picking up on details grants an addition three shifts on the success ladder.
  • Pin the Tail – Investigation rolls made when tracking a target during Surveillance are at +2. When Shadowing someone using Stealth, Investigation may be used to complement the Stealth roll.
  • Special Investigator (Gangs) – When using Investigation to pick out he details and clues of scene involving gangs, results are at +2.
  • I Know Just the Guy – When using the Gather Information trapping, results are achieved one time increment faster and at a +1.
  • Finely-Tuned Third Eye – Gain +2 to Lore whenever using it as an Alertness substitute to pick up on the presence of the supernatural.

Refresh Rate: 5

Fate Points: 5

Player: Tom

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