Paul Roman

Name: Paul Roman
Address: 523 Basswood Place, Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Trickster sorcerer
Personal Struggle:
The lure of magic vs. the price of magic

Where Did You Come From?
Born and raised in North Kildonan, his mother and father worked factory jobs. A tough neighbourhood makes for a tough kid who yearnedto get out.

What Shapes You?
A friend of Paul’s disappears. Paul investigates and Crazy Tom provides Paul with a clue. Paul finds a shaman in a downtown warehouse feeding souls to a Wolf Spirit barred from the hunt by the Two Waters pact. This exposure awakens the latent magic within Paul and he uses his Thaumaturgic magics to track the shaman and bind him to the wolf spirit.

What’s Your First Novel?
The Truth of a Name
Paul opens a portal to Hell and something escapes the binding magics. This spirit flees into the city and threatens to unbalance the fragile peace. Matthew is sent to warn Paul about this spirit’s predations and to point him towards its latest victim. In payment for favours past, Crazy Tom mobilizes his army of street people to help track the spirit, but is almost killed when they run it to ground.


  • “Sorcery saved my life; sorry about yours, pal!”
  • “It was worth it. Now get me that drink.”
  • Tough as nails, hard as rock
  • “There. That’ll fix it.”
  • “Hey… I know what I’m doing.”
  • Luck takes me where the action is.
  • “The Hellfire and brimstone? Yeah, it’s all part of the deal.”


  • Conviction (Superb +5)
  • Lore (Great +4)
  • Discipline (Great +4)
  • Alertness (Good +3)
  • Endurance (Good +3)
  • Presence (Good +3)
  • Fists (Fair +2)
  • Empathy (Fair +2)
  • Intimidation (Fair +2)
  • Contacts (Fair +2)
  • Scholarship (Average +1)
  • Deceit (Average +1)
  • Stealth (Average +1)
  • Investigation (Average +1)
  • Resources (Average +1)


  • Permission: Sorcerer (-1)
  • Evocation (Spirit, Control) (-2)
  • Thaumaturgy (Summoning) (-2)
  • The Sight (-1)
  • I Know Just the Guy – When he’s looking to gather some information from his network of contacts, Paul has some pretty unerring instincts for finding the right person, fast. When using the Gathering Information trapping, his efforts are at a +1, and are 1 time increment faster.
  • Supreme Concentration – Paul’s Discipline is considered to be Fantastic whenever Discipline would restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill. This has no effect on the his actual Discipline rating when the skill itself is being rolled.

Refresh Rate: 2

Fate Points: 2

Player: Chris

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