Name: Elias “Legion” Thorne
Address: Somewhere hidden in Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Supernatural bounty hunter and emissary of dark vengeance
Personal Struggle:
Demons of the flesh

Where Did You Come From?
Grew up as an only child in a comfortable middle class home in FortGarryWhen he was about ten years old his parents were killed in a violent home invasion. He witnessed the murders and was almost beaten to death by the 13 23 gang members who had broken into the house. Surviving the experience, Elias noticed he had become attuned to the shadowy shapes which lurked at the edge of mundane reality’s veil. He suffered some mental trauma as a result of his experiences and was placed in several foster homes over the course of his youth. The last of these homes was in East St. Paul at 21 Eldritch Road.

What Shapes You?
Just before graduating from high school, Elias met his true love, Denise. He quickly realized the strong connection they had and they rented an apartment together. Sneaking into Kildonan Park for a late stroll on a cold December night, Elias was forced to re-live his childhood nightmare. He and Denise were attacked by muggers and she was fatally stabbed. Some minor fugitive demons lurking in the surrounding branches and darkness sensed the remorse, fear and violence in progress and were instinctively drawn to it. They could sense Elias’s despair and desire for vengeance, heightened by the situation. As he watched the muggers run away, laughing, the demons offered to give Denise her life back and Elias the opportunity to exact his price on their assailants. Elias agreed to the bargain and the demons entered his flesh. When Denise came to, her life restored, Elias was standing over her his hands drenched in blood. The muggers were found in the park the next day, their bodies mangled. Despite Elias’s sacrifice to save her, Denise would not speak to him again, fearful of the change that had come over him. As his side of the bargain, Elias had agreed to host the demons so they might hide from their supernatural captors in the Nevernever. They had escaped just prior to stumbling upon Elias in the park. Denise’s life force would remain intact only as long as Elias allowed them to hide within him. If he decided at any point to withdraw from the agreement, her life would once again be forfeit. Elias learned to shape the power he was able to draw on from the demons into flesh weaving. He can grow claws and wings as well as utilize a cloak of shadows. He now uses this power to hunt down evil supernatural entities and criminals, keeping a careful and discrete eye on the woman he loves and has lost.

What’s Your First Novel?
Winter Watch
The captors of the escaped demons inhabiting Legion’s body, the Winter Watch, seek out him and his benefactors. Legion is forced to rely heavily on his frightening powers to drive off the demonic wardens. When Rowan sees a man under attack by demons, she uses an evocation to help drive them off. But when she turns to see who she has helped, he is gone. Coming upon evidence of demonic presence, Gerhardt’s investigation takes him hard on the heels of Legion, inadvertently leading the Winter Watch onto Legion’s trail.


  • Hand of Dark Vengeance
  • Demons of the Flesh
  • Wrong place, right time
  • Eye for the strange
  • Marked man
  • Ally of the Summer Court
  • The enemy of my enemy


  • Discipline (Superb +5)
  • Fists (Superb +5)
  • Athletics (Great +4)
  • Endurance (Great +4)
  • Alertness (Good +3)
  • Intimidation (Good +3)
  • Investigation (Fair +2)
  • Lore (Fair +2)
  • Stealth (Fair +2)
  • Driving (Average +1)
  • Guns (Average +1)
  • Might (Average +1)
  • Scholarship (Average +1)
  • Weapons (Average +1)


  • Permission: Emissary of Power (Demons of the Flesh) (-1)
  • Human Guise (0)
  • Cloak of Shadows (-1)
  • Claws (-1)
  • Wings (-1)
  • Inhuman Toughness (-2)

Refresh Rate: 4

Fate Points: 4

Player: Tom

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