Mark Buchanan

Name: Mark Matthew Buchanan
Address: 318 Langside St, Winnipeg, MB
Alias: Cypher Drift

High Concept: Computer hacker/gas jockey

Personal Struggle:
Hitting the big score while staying out of trouble

Where Did You Come From?
Middle class white working family from Ft. Richmond. Smart and quiet he became sullen after his parents divorce. His father, now a “Weekend Dad” bought him a computer. As a teen, Mark smoked pot, watched “Hackers” obsessively. He later dropped out of university to the disappointment of his parents. He works as a gas jockey and resents working a shitty job.

What Shapes You?
Started selling warez and gains a reputation. Graduates to changing records and creating “electronic lives”. He stays away from outright theft, but begins to have doubts after his GF gets pregnant. To raise money, he sells a database of credit card numbers to the Hells Angels and get his first real taste of the hacker celebrity life. And he wants more.

What’s Your First Novel?
Bit By Bit, A Mark Buchanan Adventure
Roger Crow, Mark’s contact with the Hell’s Angels asks Mark to create a new life for a client. A large payoff awaits Mark, but he soon finds not everything is as it seems. Artemus helps Mark by gathering intelligence about the client. Mark is asked to create a new life by looking through the texts in Artemus’s high library. Their carefully crafted sting set-up is almost derailed when Crazy Tom wanders into the middle of it, babbling about the Fox Spirits out to get him.


  • Hacker who’s too good to stay away.
  • When you get right down to it, they’re just ones and zeros, right?
  • I deserve a better life
  • It’s a game and I’m a god
  • Known in the underground
  • The stories are real?
  • It’s worth it for the rep


  • Scholarship (Superb +5)
  • Burglary (Superb +5)
  • Investigation (Great +4)
  • Rapport (Great +4)
  • Presence (Good +3)
  • Athletics (Good +3)
  • Discipline (Fair +2)
  • Endurance (Fair +2)
  • Deceit (Fair +2)
  • Alertness (Average +1)
  • Resources (Average +1)
  • Contacts (Average +1)
  • Empathy (Average +1)


  • Expert Cracker – Any computer hacking effort takes place two steps faster than usual on the time table.
  • Supreme Concentration – Mark’s Discipline is considered Fantastic whenever Discipline might restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill. This has no effect when Discipline is rolled directly, however.
  • The Weight of Reputation – Mark’s reputation is such that it puts him in an easy position of power. People in power are good at scaring folks who aren’t. He may use his Presence instead of Intimidation to scare someone, provided the target knows of him and his rep.
  • Tireless – Mark’s Endurance is considered Fantastic whenever Endurance might restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill. This has no effect when Endurance is rolled directly, however.
  • Best Foot Forward – People just like Mark, especially when he’s deliberately trying to make a good impression. A failure on a Rapport roll cannot degrade someone’s default opinion of him, and he gains a +1 on his roll to make a good impression.

Refresh Rate: 5

Fate Points: 5

Player: Chris

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