Ghostly Ninjas

They’re not really ninjas. They are ghostly, however. They’re a collection of ghosts that the Ghostmasters have enslaved in their spiritual forms to serve as shock troops. While their ghostly forms allow them to fade into the shadows and pass through walls (and physical attacks), giving them a stealthy feel, they are really just a swarm of spiritual robots that only wish to kill their masters’ enemies.

Stat Blocks

One Ghostly Ninja

Ghostly Ninja, Fair (+2); Ectoplasmic Automaton, Terrible (-2)


Hit Squad

Ghostly Ninja Trio, Fair (+2); Ectoplasmic Automata, Terrible (-2)

Stress (1) (1)



Ghostly Ninja Horde, Fair (+2), Ectoplasmic Automata, Terrible (-2)

Stress (2) (2) (3)     +2 Teamwork

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