Artemis Black

Name: Artemis Black
Address: Winnipeg, MB

High Concept: Bookkeeper of the Black
Personal Struggle:
Should Artemis stay in the freedom and safety of the light or fall into the darkness of his past demons?

Where Did You Come From?
Raised in a poor family of mixed heritage (of which Artemis was never told of) he lived a very unimaginative life until he was twelve when he began work at a book store in Old Market Square called First Folio. He started work there as a book-finder/cataloger (he never dealt with clients) to help with his families financial issues. Here he met an old german man by the name of Stith Kolbenschlag who ran the store. He soon became friends with Stith and Artemis found himself more and more absorbed in the odd collection of books mingled around the cluttered (albeit brightly lighted) shop. Two weeks after Artemis graduated from High School his parents were killed in a car accident on their way to work. Suffering from emotional stress Artemis then relied upon Stith to help him through the next few years, strengthening their bond. At the age of 26 Stith died (under odd circumstances) and his will stated that the bookstore be passed onto Artemis. Now at age 27 Artemis has just now reopened the shop and is just about to meet some of his old friends clients….

What Shapes You?
When Artemis was 26 Stith Kolbenschlag died tragically. horribly electrocuted Artemis found Stith inside his own room, sitting in his favorite chair. There had been a great electrical storm the night before and the entire Old Market area went into blackout. Stith usually kept a backup generator but it had somehow failed that night. Artemis had learnt early on about Stith’s apparent hate of darkness keeping his lights on all night. Artemis then disappeared for about 2 months, seeking out Stith’s murderer as he did not believe the police’s theories on “lightning abnormalities”. Upon returning Artemis had changed, he now seemed to be less than he was before, his mind not quite the same. Now Artemis keeps the lights on at night as well, as well as keeping a fully charged back up generator…

What’s Your First Novel?
Book Hunter
Artemis is now being hunted by the “Darkness” as it doesn’t seem to be satisfied with what happened to Stith. Artemis finds the secrets of the old bookkeeper and tries to trade them to the spirits of Two Waters for the protection they offer, all the while being chased by his nightmare. Boniface hears rumours of a book bad enough to kill for and investigates. He finds artemis in trouble and points him towards the keeper of the two waters. The Keeper agrees to protect Artemis for the price of the book. Artemis enlists the aid of Mark to seek it out. Unable to find the book through conventional means, Mark explores the dark net, the parts of the net disconnected from the search engines and tightly secured. Mark finds an eldritch marketplace online,steals their database and impersonates a buyer to acquire the needed book for Artemis.


  • “Secrets are my business.”
  • “Not the Darkness!”
  • “Hang on. Let me check my notes.”
  • “It got Stith; I won’t let it get me!”
  • “What’s it worth to you?”
  • “I’ve read something like that somewhere…”
  • Supernatural supermagnet


  • Lore (Superb +5)
  • Scholarship (Superb +5)
  • Investigation (Great +4)
  • Resolve (Great +4)
  • Guns (Good +3)
  • Rapport (Good +3)
  • Contacting (Fair +2)
  • Alertness (Fair +2)
  • Resources (Fair +2)
  • Weapons (Average +1)
  • Drive (Average +1)
  • Empathy (Average +1)
  • Deceit (Average +1)


  • Capable Researcher – Some say Artemis was born in a library. Any scholarly research he does is completed two time increments faster than usual—due in large part to the fact that he’s probably read something about it before. (This ability does not extend to Lore research, which somehow never seems to go any faster no matter how good you are at the mundane stuff.)
  • Linguist – Artemis speaks (and reads) additional languages as if his Scholarship score was 4 higher than it is. Up to half of the languages he speaks may be obscure, rare, or dead, provided he can establish an opportunity to study them.
  • Occultist (Demons/Shadow Demons) – Artemis is an expert on demons, and gains a +1 bonus when researching them. He gains an additional +1 (+2 total) when researching Shadow Demons.
  • Quick Eye – When examining a location for clues, Artemis’s eye is quick to pick out the visual details. His first Investigation roll to determine deeper details about a scene is two time increments faster than usual.
  • Supreme Concentration – Artemis’s Discipline is considered to be Fantastic whenever Discipline would restrict, complement, or otherwise modify another skill. This has no effect on the his actual Discipline rating when the skill itself is being rolled.

Refresh Rate: 5

Fate Points: 5

Player: Kieran

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