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  1. Fred Hicks says:

    Heh. Great examples of how folks can bend the rules (because, let’s be honest, two of the characters aren’t super-viable in a “by the book” way — even if their stats work) to fit what they want to do in their home-game. And GOOD GOD, Christian is going to be an unholy terror in a fight… if he can just manage to fight back the urge to EAT HIS FOES.

  2. Rick Neal says:

    Yep. The rules are flexible and robust enough to do pretty much anything we’ve come up with so far, even things that don’t fit the canon. However, as in any system as wide open as this one, there are some better choices and some worse choices.

    And I really wanted Christian’s High Concept Aspect to be “Look out! He’s a friggin’ GHOUL!” Ah, well, still ripe for compelling. But yeah, he’s gonna be a tough one in a fight.

  3. Rechan says:

    Looks good.

    All I will say though is that the loup garou gang? Do you mean a gang of Lycanthropes? Because the Loup Garou is the cursed super-werewolf that occurs every night of the full moon, and kills everything in sight.

  4. Rick Neal says:

    Loup Garou is also French for werewolf in general; I think that’s the way the player intended it.

  5. Hi, I wrote up Christian Manger and I thought I would offer my thoughts on why. I am not replying because I feel picked on or anything, I just thought people who are reading along might like to know where I was coming from.

    Firstly, this is a playtest and I wanted to stress the system a bit by coming up with a ‘difficult’ character. Both in the sense of difficult to write up, and difficult to fit into the setting. I am curious to know what Fred meant about him not being ‘super-viable’ as he put it. The basic concept is a Dresden-ification of the lead character from the show Dexter. I see him as extremely conflicted and disciplined. As far as other characters in the Dresden-verse, how much difference is there between a Red-Court Infected who voluntarily refrains from killing in order to retain their sense of humanity and self, or a White-Court vampire who avoids the ones he loves so he doesn’t kill them. Heck White Courts aren’t even supposed to love. These are internal conflicts. Conflict makes for good story,

    As far as ghouls being irrevocably monsters in the Dresden files, it should be remembered that the stories are from Harry’s perspective and he is neither omniscient nor reliable. Thus far ghouls have been nasty and villainous. Fair enough. Until he found out different, Harry felt that his old mentor would never do anything as underhanded as assassinations for the White Council. Now we know.

    Will Christian slip and do something awful. Probably. Has Harry? Yup. The story goes on. And if he becomes an NPC, well that will probably have been a fun ride. And then of course, he sticks around, but the GM gets to take over and use him as he sees fit, and that will be fun too.



  6. Rel Fexive says:

    He certainly is an interesting character, and could easily work in many games.

    Plus, Manger. Ho ho 🙂

  7. Rick Neal says:

    I think the assessment of lack of viability comes from a combination of the low Refresh coupled with the kinds of compels the character is likely to get. I mean, the Wizard of the White Court gets, “You have to go to a council meeting.” The Ghoul gets, “You want to eat that little kid on the corner.” Most of the compels I can see coming at the Ghoul are going to play to its monstrous nature, as opposed to other complicating circumstances, and that’s going to have a real impact on how well the character survives and remains playable in the game.

    Just my thoughts.

  8. Jburb71 says:

    I like it. It realy looks like a fun place to run in. I personaly think the strange luck investigator reminds me of a fox TV show by the Same name, I think it work well.

  9. Fred Hicks says:

    I meant “not viable” strictly in the sense of “ghouls are not ever a character type I would allow in a game I ran”.

  10. Rel Fexive says:

    I would say the same thing. But then, I’ve heard of an Amber game where one of the characters was an intelligent, super-psychic narwhal, so who am I to judge?

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