GenCon 2010 – Day Four

Okay. The WordPress iPad app just ate my post (Ctrl+Z doesn’t do what I thought it would), and I’m too tired to redo it all. Here are the highlights:

  • We’re in Rochelle, Illinois on the way home.
  • Didn’t play Fiasco last night, though the Arc Dream guys did. They used the suburbia playset, and said the game played like American Beauty as written and directed by David Lynch. Three dead out of six, two in prison, and one broken in mind and spirit.
  • Caught a glimpse of Wil Wheaton, but no more than that.
  • Tracked down a copy of Remember Tomorrow, which looks pretty good.
  • Got a new shirt from Sigh Co. I like it.
  • Decided not to get Smallville – I’m never going to run it, and it didn’t look like it offered enough loot able stuff.
  • Decided to pick up the Savage Worlds Space:1889 book. It looks fun.
  • That’s it. Now to bed. Have to be up early in the morning.

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