GenCon 2010 – Day Three

Note: This is not the only update for today. Check below for my post about Fiasco, if you’re interested in how that game plays. And you really should be interested.

Anyway, very tired today after the late night last night playing Fiasco. Picked up some Cthulhu playing cards and poker chips from Dagon Industries, had lunch with Greg Stolze – always good conversation – and dinner with Scott, Jarred, Gwen, and Brian.

Tons of very cool costumes today, including a pair of slave Leias that I saw posing with a tall and imposing Darth Vader. I love GenCon.

I had another invitation to play Fiasco with the folks from Arc Dream – after our game, everyone went out and got a copy – but really, I need to sleep. Tomorrow is the beginning of the drive back to Winnipeg, and I’m going to need to be rested.

That’s it for now. Next post tomorrow, from Rochelle.

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