GenCon 2010 – Aftermath

So, home and dry. Clothes are washing, TV shows are transferring to the AppleTV, basic groceries bought and put away, and the bed calling out to me.

As usual, the conversation on the 20-hour drive home with Clint ranged far and wide over a number of topics, but kept circling back to gaming. He had a good show, too, and stories made the time pass fairly quickly.

Was it a good show? Well I had a lot of fun. I always do, with Scott and Jarred. And Gwen and Brian. And Greg. And Shane and John and Kevin and James. And seeing Ken Hite and Robin Laws and having them say nice things about my blog. And the good food. And the Fiasco game.

But I’m tired, now, and need my sleep. Back to work tomorrow.

Goodnight, GenCon. Goodnight, everybody.

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  1. mrsleep says:

    Sweet dreams, weary traveler.

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