GenCon 2010 – Day One

So, back in the hotel after the first day at GenCon. Things were a little hectic this morning, what with having to finish the set-up of the booth, but overall, a good day. I know sales were up for both Pagan and Dagon, which is always nice.

I managed to grab a copy of Lurker on the Threshold, the new Arkham Horror supplement, and had a chance to take a look at the new Investigator minis they’ve made for the game. They’re very nice, but I’m probably not going to pick them up this con. They’re easily worth the $4.00 each that Fantasy Flight is charging, but there are 48 of them, so it gets pretty pricey pretty fast.

I also managed to snag print copies of Legends of Anglerre and Icons from the Cubicle 7 folks on the other side of the island from us. While I was waiting to pay, I got to see a few glimpses of things they’ve got coming down the pipeline – they had a TV screen showing a slideshow of upcoming highlights. These include the Laundry RPG, based on the stories by Charles Stross, and, surprisingly to me, a new Lord of the Rings RPG.

From the good people at IPR, I bought Hamlet’s Hit Points and Fiasco, both of which look very interesting. I think that’s where I’m going to start my reading tonight.

To my disappointment, WorldWorks did not have the TerraClips stuff that I was hoping to buy. They were very apologetic, saying that the print quality of the sets that they had had made was not up to their standards. This is both good news and bad news, of course; good, in that they’re taking the product seriously enough to strive for quality, bad, in that I couldn’t buy them at the con.

I also caught a glimpse of the Smallville RPG from MWP. It looks very nice, and I have heard that they’ve done very interesting things with the Cortex system to make it handle superpowers. I may have to pick a copy up, along with a print copy of the Leverage RPG Quick-Start Job.

I’m also far more intrigued than I thought I’d be by Skullduggery, coming out of Pelgrane Press. I overheard Robin Laws talking about it to another customer at the Pelgrane booth, and it sounds like a lot of fun. I may have to check it out, after all.

Still without a working 3G connection. My friend Michael sent me an e-mail saying that I need to connect the iPad to iTunes and download a different carrier file, but without my laptop with me, it’s not going to happen. Oh, well. I’ll know for next time, and I’ll still have the micro-sim. Thanks for the info, Michael!

One last note, on a personal highlight for me: Ken Hite came by the booth and said that he’d been enjoying my blog, and especially what I had done with Chaugnar Faugn in the Monument Creek scenario in the Armitage Files game I’m running. Always nice to hear, especially from someone like Ken Hite.

So, that’s about it for today. Going to post this, then see about getting some food. Next update tomorrow evening.

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3 Responses to GenCon 2010 – Day One

  1. Barry says:

    Too bad about the WWG TerraClips. I wanted to see that product as well.

    Saw a review of Arkham Horror today, going to have to play it sometime.

  2. Trachalio says:

    How fun/not fun was it setting up without air conditioning? I hear it’s a weeeeeee bit warm down in Indianapolis this summer!

    Did you pick up a copy of Remember Tomorrow? I’ve got the PDF and like what I see. If you think the book is good I’ll get a copy shipped to my parents (much cheaper shipping to AZ instead of MB).

  3. Rick Neal says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty cozy. And humid. The exhibit hall – and all the people in it – were pretty ripe. IPR doesn’t seem to have Remember Tomorrow here at the show, but I’m going to double-check today. Make sure you check out Fiasco, though. It’s pretty amazing!

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