GenCon 2010: Arrival

I’ve made it to GenCon, and checked into the hotel. Good trip down; always good conversation and music with Clint as my co-pilot. Both Jarred from Dagon Industries and Scott from Pagan Publishing have been delayed, so I’m the first of our little troupe to make it in.

Indianapolis is really a lovely city – at least, the parts of it I see on these trips, which is mainly the downtown area. Interesting architecture, nice people, lots of good restaurants nearby, and the movie theatre by the convention centre is running a double feature of Wrath of Khan and Search For Spock tonight and tomorrow night for $10. They know how to get the GenCon crowd in!

On the downside, there is no wifi in my hotel room. Free wifi in the lobby, but that’s all the way down in the lobby. I picked up an AT&T micro-sim for my iPad, but it keeps telling me there’s no service, so I can’t even try to connect to set up the data plan. I’m going to tinker with some things to see if I can make it work, but I’m guessing that there will be no joy. Dunno what’s wrong. That means that no Tweeting from the convention floor, but I’ll still try and post once a day to the blog.

Right now, I’m taking a half-hour to relax in the room before I head across the street to see if I can pick up my badge and get into the dealer’s room to set up. It’s pretty hot here today, and ungodly humid, and the convention centre never turns on the AC for the set-up, so it’s not a fun job. Especially because I’m going to be at least starting it alone, trying to get as much done as I can before 6:00, which is when they kick us all out until morning. Jarred should show up by about 4:00 or so, so then that’ll help, but Scott’s not making it in until 8:00, which means he won’t get into the dealer’s room until tomorrow.

Anyway, just a reminder, we’re at booth #315, Pagan Publishing and Dagon Industries sharing with Arc Dream and Cubicle 7. Stop by and say hello if you’re at the con.

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