GenCon Bound – 2010

So, tomorrow morning, quite early, my buddy Clint and I embark on our 11th trip down to GenCon together. It’s a long drive from Winnipeg to Indianapolis – usually about twenty hours – so we do it over two days, with an overnight stop at Rochelle, Illinois, because we like to bypass Chicago.

I’ve been putting together a list of stuff I want to look for at the convention:

I’m also going to be trying to blog a little more regularly down there, using the iPad in the evenings. In fact, if I manage to get my hands on an AT&T micro-sim and the prepaid Visa thing works, I may be Tweeting from the dealer’s room during the day. But I don’t want to promise that.

Today is full-on prep for the trip, with a chance of going to see Inception this afternoon if all the plans come together. I’m about 2/3 of the way packed, with the last of the laundry going in the dryer, waiting for the stores to open (it’s a long weekend in Manitoba) to pick up a few things. The fish-feeding instructions are done, the health insurance bought, the car all ready, the TripTik in the glove compartment. Still to do: pick up some drinks for the trip, make some sandwiches, burn some music CDs for the twenty-hour drive, and some last touches of housework – I hate coming home to housework and laundry waiting for me.

If you’re at the show, I’ll be doing booth-weasel duty for Pagan Publishing and Dagon Industries at booth #315. Come on by and say hello.

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