GenCon 2010 – Day Two

Day two done, at least the dealer room portion. Arc Dream got their shipment of Targets of Opportunity, the new Delta Green hardcover, so there was a lot of traffic there today.

I did a little more wandering today, and tracked down the Sigh Co. booth to say hello to Gwen and Brian. Have to make my way back there before the show is over to pick up a new shirt or two, maybe a hoodie.

I also caved and bought a copy of Skulduggery, the new game by Robin Laws from Pelgrane Press. Got a chance to tell Robin how much we’re enjoying playing Armitage Files, and he said some very kind things about this blog, so that was very flattering.

There’s a new RPG coming out of Columbia that caught my eye when one of the Arc Dream folks picked it up yesterday. It’s called Eoris, and is absolutely gorgeous. It has a rich, somewhat Final Fantasy style look, and a very interesting backstory and world. Science fantasy with strong themes of moral, ethical, and spiritual questioning. Unfortunately, they were sold out, and the preorder offer they had didn’t extend to Canada, so I’m going to have to wait and order it from their website when they get back home.

Also spent some time lurking around the Geek Chic area, drooling over the premium gaming tables. In addition to the Sultan, which I saw previously at GenCon, they’ve greatly expanded the line, including a coffee-table-sized offering (The Hoplite) and a massive dining table/gaming table (The Vizier). Gorgeous stuff. They’re on my list for when I win the lottery.

Tonight, after the Ennies, some of the Arc Dream folks and I are going to get together to give Fiasco a try. I read the game last night, and it looks like a lot of fun, so I picked up the black and white dice I’d need, along with some index cards and a marker, and we’re going to give it a whirl if the awards don’t run too late. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Now, I’m going down to the lobby wifi to post this, then going foraging for food. Next update tomorrow.

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