Dresden Fluff

I’ve talked a fair bit about the rules aspect of the Dresden Files RPG that we’ve seen. We’ve also had a look at some of the setting and world bits. I haven’t brought them up before now because I’ve been concentrating on the other pieces. Now I’ve got a little … Continue reading

After the Fighting’s Done

So, Friday night I ran the second half of the group through the conflicts to test the system. Now that I have no more secrets to keep from the players, I’ll give you some more detail on how things went. For the Mental conflict, I chose trying a case before … Continue reading

Getting Into the Weird

So, I’m looking over the Supernatural Stunts chapter of the Dresden Files RPG. Interesting stuff. I mentioned back when I was talking about the mundane character creation that you buy stunts by spending refresh rate. Mundane stunts are one point each. Supernatural stunts may cost more. This means that supernatural … Continue reading

What I Found in my Closet

So, I was going through my closet today, and found three books that I had completely forgotten about. I’ve had them for over 15 years, and I’ve read them three or four times each, and it always happens this way: I’m poking around for something else, and I find them. … Continue reading

About Last Night

I don’t want to get into too much detail in this report; I still have another group of players to run through the conflicts. Some general observations: Conflict in this game, physical or otherwise, is very much narrative-driven. This is a real change in perspective for players who are used … Continue reading