Looking Ahead

We’re approaching a full-on game of the Dresden Files RPG. It’s making me a little giddy.

Here’s how things are looking for our progress:

  1. Evil Hat has said that the spellcasting chapter, which is the last chunk of rules we need, should be sent out to us within a week.
  2. Next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, I’ll be hosting character creation for supernatural characters. I have to break it up like that because there are nine people in my playtest group, and that’s too many to handle at once. I’ll post the new characters as I get them, as usual.
  3. By Saturday, March 8, I will start working on a couple of adventures for the game, probably two-to-three session arcs, hoping to finish those by mid-week following.
  4. The week of March 16, I’ll start running sessions. Again, we’ll have to break into smaller groups, which is why I’m creating multiple adventures. I will post play reports as these complete.
  5. Evil Hat is planning to move on to the next stage of testing by the end of April; what they’re calling the Late Alpha Test (as opposed to this phase, the Bleeding Alpha Test). This will probably involve different playtest groups, as they try to get other viewpoints on the system. That means that my involvement in official playtesting will probably wrap up around that time.
  6. Just because the playtest is over doesn’t mean the game is necessarily over. If things are going well, if everyone’s having fun, I will probably continue to run with the rules I have until the final game comes out.
  7. Some time in the future, Evil Hat will publish the game, and I will buy a copy and do a little dance of joy.

So, that’s how things look to go over the next couple of months. It’s gonna be a fun run. Stick around.

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5 Responses to Looking Ahead

  1. Rechan says:

    That sounds really, really fun. And thanks for posting this. I look forward to seeing the characters; I enjoyed the Mundanes write up.

  2. Rel Fexive says:

    I’ll be here, waiting for updates also.

    It’s like a sneak peek of the game made through the gaps between someone elses’ fingers through a dirty window at twenty paces – but it’s still worth looking!

  3. Fred Hicks says:

    I love your plan.

    And I’d be happy to have you continue on to ride herd on the later alpha stuff, it’s just that I’ll have to segregate you from the new-alphas a bit — it’s sort of a general truth that folks who’ve playtested one version of rules can end up too tainted for valid testing of the later stuff. That doesn’t mean y’all can’t try, it just means it’s well-advised to have it take place separately from the fresh meat. 🙂

    Also a possible mild correction: I know I want to give the bleeders 6-8 weeks after spellcasting to playtest, but I don’t know what sort of hiatus there will be for revision in light of playtest feedback before we kick off the late-alpha round. So while things should end by April-ish for the bleeders, I don’t know if they’ll *start* for the next phase then.

  4. Rick Neal says:

    Well, I’m there for you if you want me. I’m having a lot of fun with the testing, and so are my players. I’m happy to keep riding this crazy whirligig as long as it lasts.

  5. Declan Feeney (R00kie) says:

    Its absolutely bizare – I’m excited that the alpha spellcasting rules are being released this week, yet the chances are I’m never going to see them. I’ll be watching this blog, intensely currious as to how they play out. After all, these rules will some day form the foundation for the final release game, and those I will see.

    Thank you for showing us a little bit of your alpha experience. I’m looking forward to seeing those characters, but I’m even more interested in how the rules play out, and how well they capture that Dresden feel.

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