GenCon 2012: Day Two

First of all, for Tyler, here’s a picture of Night’s Black Agents:


And, as a bonus, a picture of The Zalozhniy Quartet:


The big thing to talk about today is Shadows of Esteren. This is a game that just finished its Kickstarter for an English edition – the original is French. It’s a dark fantasy game that doesn’t resort to strong sexual themes and imagery, relying instead on mood and moral quandary. The system looks very interesting, the world pushes all of my buttons, and the book is just gorgeous. I haven’t finished reading it, but expect a review when I do.

Here’s the mini-review: both Clint and I were impressed enough on short familiarity that we bought the starter set, which is a GenCon special that includes the rule book, map, character sheets, and a couple of other goodies. If you’re at the show, looking for an interesting new fantasy game, go see these guys. They’re friendly and approachable ((Okay. They’ve got an artist at the booth doing sketched in the front of the books for Kickstarter supporters. He’s working in pen and ink and watercolour. As I walk up, I overhear him telling a customer that he can only do about twenty pictures a day. Only twenty. I’d be happy if i could do ONE ad good as his – ever. The guy’s amazong.)) and informative, and have a great game with some very sweet price deals at the con.

This evening, I got to try out Dungeon World at Games On Demand. The group was a little large, and time was short, so I don’t think the game showed to best effect despite the heroic efforts of the GM. Still, it was fun, and gavel some great insight into the game, so I appreciate that. Thanks to the GM ((Whose name I didn’t get.)) and to the players for making it a good time.

That’s it for tonight. Now to bed.

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