GenCon 2012: Arrival

So, we made it to Indianapolis. Stopped for lunch at The Tamale Place, which was easily as good as we had hoped. I was a little disappointed that they were out of their dessert tamales, but after seeing the huge amount of food you get with the tamale combo, I decided it was just as well.


Scott, Jarred, and Terry ((Terry’s a new addition to the gang this year.)) had beat me to the booth, and set up was close to done when I arrived. We finished up pretty quickly, and then went off for supper at The Rock Bottom Brewery.



Now, I’m back in our room, getting ready for tomorrow. We’re staying in the Crowne Plaza, which has a bunch of railway cars in it, along with some not-creepy-at-all white mannequins of rail passengers and conductors and the like scattered about. The cars are all named; there’s the John Phillip Sousa, the Louis Armstrong, and this one, which is right outside the door of our room.


And that’s about it for tonight.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Awesome! Mannequins are perfect for Charlie!

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