The New Centurions, Issue #14: London Calling

As anyone who frequents this blog can tell, I’m even more behind on posting than I usually am. Sorry about that. There have been a number of things eating my time this past little while, and the blog has been neglected. Looking to start to fix that here.

Unfortunately, a lot of time has gone by since some of the events I’m reporting on, so these catch-up posts are probably going to be shorter and vaguer than normal. Once I’m back up to speed, things will ((Hopefully.)) return to a more regular schedule.

At the end of the last session, our heroes had been moderately trounced by bad guys looking for the hard drive full of genetic data we retrieved from Les Fantômes ((So we assume, anyway.)). One of the Aegis agents helping us was dead, the safehouse had collapsed, and Paladin, Queen Celeste, and S.P.E.C.-T.E.R. were all buried in the rubble.

The aftermath of that had us digging out of the wreckage while Myra Glass harried us and her companions did their best to dig themselves out, as well.  We managed to acquit ourselves a little better in this battle – S.P.E.C.-T.E.R. even managed to pitch a rock right into the spot Myra materialized from her teleport, hurting her badly. After a bit of a chase through the city after the last escaping villain, we had secured the hard drive, and driven off the bad guys.

We turned over the one bad guy we had actually captured ((She was a feral, animalistic fighter that we chased down and exhausted because we couldn’t manage to hit her. And it’s been so long that I don’t recall her name.)) to the police, and figured we had better make our way out of France, especially as some fake ((Or genuine, but crooked.)) Interpol agents seemed to be investigating us. That led us on to London, to check out the London chapter of the Century Club, and see what we could find there.

Widowmaker managed to teleport us to Picadilly Circus, where we found London to be… well, dark. Our information had revealed that there had been no transmissions out of England for the past several weeks ((Starting, of course, around the time that we found Methuselah in Manhattan.)). The reason for that seemed to be that all technology more advanced than wedges and levers had stopped working. Well, that’s an exaggeration – it seemed that there were some items of technology working, but nothing more recent that about 1940 ((My guess is nothing later than 1933.)).

We finally tracked down some of the heroes of London, and they explained that technology had started failing when the magic came back, and that the countryside was now a place of dangerous fairy tales. S.P.E.C.-T.E.R.’s having a hard time accepting that, despite the time he’s spent around magic-using Queen Celeste, but he’s also plenty worried about what’s going to happen to him, being a robot and all.

And then, of course, we were attacked, and that’s where we left the game. Next session is tomorrow night, and I’m really looking forward to it.

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3 Responses to The New Centurions, Issue #14: London Calling

  1. For those of you playing along at home, I thought I would clear up a couple of minor points:

    – The feral, animalistic female [footnote 3] was named Tundra, and the Centurions actually handed her over to their new friend, The Chessmaster [TM, see previous entries of this blog for more info on him], who promised to care for her. He has the underground facilities to do so.

    – The Centurions and their new found London allies were not exactly attacked. The London superheroes, The Champions of the Realm, or just The Champions [hey it was the very first Supers RPG I ever played], have a base in Deveraux Tower on the grounds of the Tower of London, but not THE Tower of London. The ‘attack’ that RIck refers to, is actually the White Tower [the one in all the post cards] exploding. That is where we wrapped the session.

    Sorry, we now return you to your [ir]regularly scheduled blog.


  2. Rick Neal says:

    Thanks, Clint! You can tell I waited too long to post this one, can’t you? 😉

  3. I get you for it tomorrow!

    I am just glad you are reporting on it.

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