My Left Footloose

So, every year for the past eight or so years, I go down to GenCon and work at the Pagan Publishing booth with Scott Glancy. I’m not affiliated with his company outside of that, but we’re friends, and we have a mutually beneficial arrangement going, so it all works out fine. I get a cheap trip to GenCon, he gets a booth slave to help him out.


It’s always a blast going down, spending time with him and, on occasion, his charming wife, Jane Brooks.

That’s where I learned The Movie Game, and it almost broke my brain.

Now, Jane and Scott have sent me this email that I feel compelled to share with all of you:

Hello, friends! Jane Brooks and Scott Glancy here!

Many of you have been victims of our obsession with The Movie Game, in which you combine one or more movie titles to make a new, more hilarious meta-movie. Terms of En-Deer Hunter. Gandhi in Sixty Seconds. My Left Footloose. You get the picture. If you’ve shared a long drive, a dinner party, or a hotel room at GenCon with us, you’ve probably heard the schtick. This game has the amazing ability to crush even the most lighthearted small talk with its obsessive genius. The Movie Game is evil… and now it’s coming to the Interwebs.

Scott and I are happy to announce the birth (well, public beta) of our new brainchild, My Left Footloose. Please join us in celebrating, beta testing, and creating a community around our game.

Go check out the site. Play. Have fun.

Though, for the full effect of the game, you have to be completely exhausted, lying on a hotel room floor at three in the morning, trying to get to sleep, and having various voices pipe up, just as you’re starting to drift off, with things like, “A Few Good Men In Black,” or “The Thin Man Who Wasn’t There,” or “There Will Be Blood and Donuts!”

Anyway. The link is here, and it’s going over in the sidebar, too.

Tell ’em I sent you, and they’ll be sure to treat you right.

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2 Responses to My Left Footloose

  1. Jane says:

    Rick, you are the absolute KING of this game. Thanks for being a part of it!

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