Deep Gratitude

Now that our Bleeding Alpha Playtest phase is winding down, I want to thank my players for their dedication, willingness to try new things, good feedback, and just being great, creative players.

  • Thanks to Sandy, and Anne Carriere’s iron filing packed snowballs.
  • Thanks to Kieran, and Lucky Firth’s eagerness to sell his mortality to the Bramble King.
  • Thanks to Chris, and Paul Roman’s surly and world-weary acceptance of all the crap he had to go through.
  • Thanks to Clint, and to Christian Manger’s tug-of-war conversations with Madelein de la Neige.
  • Thanks to Penny, and Rowan Aurelian’s willingness to blow up her own head to make the magic work.
  • Thanks to Vickie, and Elaine de la Roche’s remorse over using the shotgun on the Mad Cowz.
  • Thanks to Fera, and Gerhardt Rothman’s trick with the car antennae.
  • Thanks to Tom, and Elias “Legion” Thorne’s willingness to throw himself into any physical threat he could find.

It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without all of you.

Thank you all.

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