GenCon 2011 – Day Two

Two days down, two ((Well, one and a half, really, as we leave at noon on Sunday.)) to go. Working the booth can be tiring, and the concrete floors are not friendly to one’s feet. Still having fun, though.

Last night, I had planned to grab a bite to eat in the restaurant in the hotel and read The One Ring. That got a little sidetracked when a surprise GenCon attendee ((He’s here in sort-of secret, but I guess it’s okay to mention that it’s Fred Hicks, as he wasn’t hiding at the Con today.)) tweeted me, and I wound up inviting myself along to dinner with him and Justin Jacobson at the Weber Grill. It was a nice dinner, with good conversation and good food, and I’m really glad they let me crash their dinner. Thanks, guys!

Up early again this morning and down to the exhibitor hall. I swear the walk there gets longer and longer. The day featured a long period when I was alone in the booth, with Jarred out at a seminar, and Scott running a game. That can get kind of hectic, but though the crowds were a little heavier today, and business brisker than yesterday, it wasn’t anything too bad.

This year, Jarred has brought an iPad and software to keep the inventory, act as a cash register, and process credit cards. It’s a big hit with me, and makes running things in the booth a whole lot easier. The only downside is that there’s only one iPad with the software and the card swiper ((From Square. There are lots of booths using it; it generally seems to be a hit.)), but that’s manageable in the small booth.

The big news today is that Margaret Weis Productions has announced a new Marvel superheroes game. Well, actually, it sounds like several Marvel superhero games, centred around events like Civil War, Annihilation, and Age of Apocalypse ((I have to admit, I only know what one of those things is. Shut up! I’m more a DC comics guy!)) – a total of sixteen books in the next year ((I’m not sure if that means in 2012, or between now and next GenCon, but either way, that’s a whole lotta books!)). The idea is to use Cortex Plus, tweaked for the feel of each particular bit of the Marvel universe they’re covering. Given the way they handled The Leverage RPG and The Smallville RPG, I’m really excited about this announcement, and I want all the books right now, please.

I made it over to Fantasy Flight Games today before the line got stupid long and picked up The Miskatonic Horror Expansion for Arkham Horror and Elder Sign, about which I know practically nothing. But Cthulhu and FFG have yet to steer me wrong, so…

The rather short line I had to wait in got even shorter, because they had a few people with iPhone ((I think they were iPhones. Couldn’t swear to it, though.)) set-ups like at the Apple Store to run credit cards. Seeing that, I decided to pay by card, and got out of there in good time.

I also finally found the IPR booth – it was hard to see, honestly – and picked up a copy of Dungeon World and The Shab Al-Hiri Roach. I’ve been waiting to pick up Roach at GenCon to get the cards with it, and got an even better surprise: the version I got comes with a plastic cockroach, as well!

The other thing I picked up was a set of red, black, and white dice for playing Technoir. Now I need to find a suitable dice bag to put them in. Oh, and also try and get over to Games on Demand ((Wherever that is. I need to put some effort into finding out.)) to try and play the game.

Met a couple of nice people today. @DenaghDesign came by and we chatted for a bit about our respective Dresdenified Dublins, which was fun. It was good to meet him face-to-face, instead of just following each other on Twitter. I also got to meet Jenn ((You know, as I think about it, I never did find out if the woman I met was, in fact, Jenn; she was wearing the Jennisodes regalia, and accepted my compliment about the podcast, so I just assume it was her. But then I think back to the whole bit where I mistook Steve Segedy for Jason Morningstar last year by making assumptions, and I wonder. If you’re the woman I met at the Pagan Publishing booth, and you’re not Jenn, please accept my apologies.)) of the Jennisodes podcast. When I told her that I enjoyed her podcasts very much, she gave me a card, and a badge and a panda die, which I thought was very nice of her. So, thank you!

As I’ve been writing this, I’ve been following the live tweets from the ENnie awards, and The Dresden Files RPG has, so far, won three ENnies: Silver for Best Production Value, Gold for Best Writing, and Gold for Best Rules. Congratulations, folks! They are well-deserved awards ((Though I admit to some bias.)).

That’s about all I’ve got to say. I’m going to leave you with one picture tonight:

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