GenCon 2011 – Almost There

So, here I sit in the Super 8 in Rochelle. We made decent time getting here today – left Winnipeg about 6:30am and arrived in Rochelle around 10:00pm. We made our ritual stop in Fargo to check out Barnes & Noble ((And not to get malts from Culvers at all. I don’t care what you heard. It was all about the books.)), and stopped for dinner in Madison.

The stretch from Madison to Rochelle was full of lightning off in the distance. Lots of lightning. No rain, though. It was pretty impressive, right up to the moment Clint said, “I guess this might be tornado weather.” Then it wasn’t as fun.

Got a call as we were in Madison from Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing, who was checking to make sure I was on my way to the convention. He scolded me for not wanting to take the extra half-day of travel to go see The House on the Rock, and I assured him that, some day, I will. He also said that he had a surprise for me when I get to GenCon.

If you don’t think that filled me with dread, you obviously have not met Scott Glancy.

So, should hit Indianapolis around 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. Then the sweaty, hot, smelly work of setting up the booth, followed by dinner, which will really be the first time Scott, Jared, and I have to catch up on stuff.

It looks to be a big week. Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they have the Star Wars license for all sorts of games ((Odd that they announced it two days before GenCon. Don’t know if it means anything.)), and Margaret Weiss Productions is apparently announcing something big on Friday – a new license for their Cortex Plus line. I’m pretty curious about that. And, of course, The Dresden Files RPG is up for a number of Ennies, and in the running for the Diana Jones award. I’m a little bit partial to the game, as some of you may know.

There’s not a lot that I know I want this year at the Con, which is strange to me. I do want to try out Technoir at Games on Demand if I can shake free enough time, but that’s not a sure thing, based on previous years. And I definitely want to get in some Fiasco with Kevin and James and the other folks at Arc Dream.

**Edit: I meant John and James. Don’t know how I came up with Kevin.**

Going to bed now. Another early start tomorrow. Hope to post again tomorrow night.

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  1. James Knevitt says:

    Alas, I shan’t be there this year! I’m hoping to be present in 2012, however.

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