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So, the Storm Point crew and I are looking at taking a bit of a hiatus from D&D to play some Gamma World. Maybe. If the whole gang wants to. I’m kind of pumped to give it a try, so here’s the set-up I pitched them to drum up interest:

The settlement of Fort LoGray in Red Valley grew up in the early years after the Big Mistake. It coalesced around an old set of fortifications that grew and multiplied as the various timelines overlapped and stayed. The strange combination of walls and buildings provided safety and security, even so near the devastation that struck the Great City One to the south (called in the oldest stories Winter Pig, though no one knows why). In the Red Valley Confederacy, Fort LoGray stands as the vigilant protector, providing elite soldiers and armaments to the villages and towns of Red Valley, and the young people of Standroo, Selk, Locks, Raw’s Deal, Eepul, and Weepul all dream of joining the ranks of the LoGray Legions.

You have all come to Fort LoGray in order to attain that honour. Each of you is a hero of your home village, with unique abilities and the mixed blessing of the Flux, the twisting of timelines and parallel worlds that grant you your various mutations. You have also each been given a valuable piece of Omega Tech and the best wishes of your friends and family to aid you in your endeavour. You have passed the initial interviews and gone through basic training, getting to know your fellow aspirants. More than half of your initial class of recruits has already washed out and been sent home. Now, you have one last test to prove your skill, adaptability, and determination.

As with each new squad of Legionnaires, you are being sent south down the river, to Great City One. To gain admittance to the Legion, you must return with some great artifact of the Ancients. Many before you have turned aside on their final quest, fearing the rumors of the Energy Spirit, the Black Bombers, and the Forks Tribes. But you will not shame your clans in this way. You will succeed, and take your place among the elite warriors of Red Valley.

If they go for the pitch, I’m planning to have them each write up a sentence or two about their hometown in the area (north of Winnipeg along the Red River), and another couple of sentences describing a rumour or legend about Great City One ((If you’re wondering where that name came from, the slogan for Winnipeg is, for some lame reason, One Great City.)). I’ll probably toss them a reward for doing that homework, something like an extra piece of Omega Tech. Or maybe start them at second level.


I’ll let you know if they decide to go with Gamma World or D&D.

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8 Responses to Welcome to Gammatoba

  1. Milo says:

    It sure is a lot more exciting as a Gamma World campaign. 🙂

  2. Mr Sleep says:

    Interesting. Is Storm Point looking at hiatus or total destruction?

  3. Rick Neal says:

    Just a hiatus of four to six sessions. The Storm Point campaign will end when the players tell me they’re bored of it or we reach level 30.

  4. Mr Sleep says:

    Hmm… How far to Level 30? In rough game installments?

  5. Rick Neal says:

    Well, they’re at 9th level after 37 sessions, so figure double that to get to 30.

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  7. Mr Sleep says:

    Wow. That’s a fair bit of gaming. I can understand taking a break. My crew looks like we’re all going to be on hiatus for the summer then interpose our normal game with another, switching out so we have two sessions of either game in a month.

    I might finally end up running Dresden this fall.

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