In My Hot Little (Non-Virtual) Hands

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ve seen the various phases of this story, but for those who haven’t, here’s what happened.

Yesterday at lunch, I ran home to grab something, and checked my mailbox. Inside was a slip to let me know that there was a package for me that would be available at the post office today after 1:00. Now, I knew that it must be the DFRPG books – that’s the only package I’m expecting – but I was heading out of town last night to my parents’ farm. I wouldn’t be able to get the package until Sunday at the earliest.

This made me sad.

So, after work, after packing the car, after hitting the gym, I was set to hit the road. On the way out of town, as an act of purest optimism, I decided to stop by the post office to see if the package had arrived early.

To my intense surprise and joy, it had!

The books are beautiful. They are also big, fat bastards. For all those who are down on the price, let me just say that, if you’re buying books by weight, these guys are one of your best bargains.

It’s a little strange, after all this time of reading the books on .pdf, to actually have to look through a book for stuff. No search function. Bound pages. No bookmarking – well, until I get busy with some post-its.

On second thought, given the marginalia and interjections, post-its might not stand out enough.

It’s great to have the books, and be able to have them to pass around during the game, or to keep open beside me as I work on the blog on my iPad. It’s been a long walk to get here, but it’s been totally worth it.

So, congrats to Fred and the rest of the folks at Evil Hat. You’ve made a great game, and it’s been a fun ride along the way to get here. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

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