Insert Sound of Chirping Crickets…

It came to my attention today that the spam-blocking plug-in I started using on this blog about a week ago has been preventing people from posting comments. It’s been giving people an error message that tells them to turn on javascript and enable cookies, even when both things are clearly not the issue.

I wasn’t able to resolve the issue with the plug-in, so I removed it and went back to my previous spam-blocker, which is also giving me a weird error message, but at least it’s working.

So, if you’ve tried to post a comment over the past week or so, and weren’t able to, I apologize. Things should be back to normal now.

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One Response to Insert Sound of Chirping Crickets…

  1. Rel Fexive says:

    Yeah, I saw that but couldn’t figure out how to let you know! 😀

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