Talisman Demo December 6

My friend Chris is running a boardgame demo at Imagine Games on Sunday, December 6, from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm.

He’s going to be showing off Talisman 4th Edition, complete with the Dungeon and Reaper expansions.

Strange as it may seem coming from an old geek like me, I’ve never played the game. I plant to be down there, rolling the dice (and probably getting ganged up on), so come on down and play with us.

It’ll be fun.

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  1. I should be able to make it.

    Hey Chris, if you are looking for Theives’ World books, Book Ends on St. Mary’s [across from the Red Top restaurant[ has several right now. If I have not said so previously, thanks for running the Sanctuary game, it was fun.

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