World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day – Monster Manual 2

Saturday, May 23, is the next World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day, this one celebrating the release of the Monster Manual 2. Once again, I will be running games at Imagine Games and Hobbies here in Winnipeg, starting at 12:30, and continuing pretty much until closing time. I’m scheduling one session starting at 12:30, and another at 3:30, if there’s still people wanting to play.

But there’s a catch.

Due to… stuff, we’re not sure if the support package from Wizards of the Coast is going to make it to us in time.

What does that mean to you, the gaming public? Well, what it means is that I’m going to download the character sheets from the site above, take the basic idea of the adventure that they’ve released, and use the Monster Manual 2 (when it arrives on May 19) to create my own scenario.

Now, we’ll still have some free stuff for people who come down to play, and we’ll still have an adventure using brand new monsters, but they won’t be the official ones.

But doesn’t that make it feel tantalizingly illicit and tempting?

C’mon down. Play with me.

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