I’m Back!

So, some of you may have noticed that my blog has been down. I got hacked. I’m in the process of getting it back up and running – I’ve cleaned out the infected files, reinstalled WordPress, and relinked it to my old database, so I ((Touch wood.)) haven’t lost any of the posts or files I had here.

I’m also taking this opportunity to do a little bit of a refresh on the appearance of the blog. Right now, I’ve got a functional, if not-terribly-attractive look set up, and I’m going to be trying some stuff with themes and images over the next little while. I’m not looking to make it fancy, but I want to give it a little more functionality and a few more of the features that I like. What do I want out of the look?

  • Clean and easy to read.
  • Excerpts on the front page instead of full posts.
  • Works well with Google analytics.
  • Lets me put occasional graphics in without spending an hour fiddling with them.

Some of you may also have noticed that there hasn’t been much new here in the past year or so. I plan on getting back to blogging a little more regularly ((Hell, just getting back to blogging AT ALL will be a big step forward.)), including continuing my Fate of the Nephilim series. There have also been a lot of very cool games ((Like CoriolisMasksCthlhu ConfidentialCity of MistsBulldogs! Fate Core EditionPhoenix: Dawn CommandCrestfallenUndyingUrban Shadows… you get the idea. And that’s not even touching the board games and card games.)) that have come out recently that I have OPINIONS about ((Huge surprise there, right?)).

Anyway, that’s the plan.

I’ve still got a lot of distractions in my world. They may interfere with this plan. But I’m coming into this with the best of intentions, and hope to get my blogging feet back under me, and turn this into an interesting place to visit, again.

Here’s hoping.

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3 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. LogicMouse says:

    Yay! Welcome back. I look forward to hearing your opinions again.

  2. Rick Neal says:

    So, I like this theme better. Now I need to figure out how to fix the menus at the top, and remove the menu Search box.

    But it’s a step forward.

  3. Rick Neal says:

    And, after much flailing about, I’m back to the Mantra theme. Still does the best job for what I want, I think. The menus look good, the posts are clean and readable, I’ve got the front page excerpts, and the new Jetpack plug-in handles the stats on the back-end just fine. Maybe tinker with the minor settings a bit, and still working on fixing the weird characters that are showing up in some of the posts. But there are reasons I chose this one last time I revamped the site look.

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