International Tabletop Day is Saturday!

Packed up my games for Tabletop Day. Bringing a big bag over to Imagine Games and Hobbies at 246 McDermot Avenue on Saturday. I’ll be there around 11, and will stay until the store closes. Or people stop wanting to play games.

What’s in the bag? Glad you asked:

  1. Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
  2. Star Wars: Rebellion
  3. Don’t Turn Your Back
  4. Race to Adventure
  5. Fury of Dracula
  6. Sherriff of Nottingham
  7. Kingdom Builder
  8. Lords of Waterdeep
  9. Mysterium
  10. Betrayal at House on the Hill
  11. Forbidden Desert
  12. Batman Fluxx
  13. King of New York
  14. Fiasco
  15. It’s Not My Fault
  16. Three Cheers for Master
  17. The Resistance
  18. Coup
  19. Murder of Crows
  20. Cthulhu Dice
  21. Zombie Dice
  22. The Quiet Year
  23. Monster of the Week
  24. Elder Sign
  25. Bang
  26. Kodama
  27. Infiltration

I want to note in particular that the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game is currently Kickstarting; I have a print-and-play version that I will be happy to demo and play. It’s a lot of fun.

Also, Star Wars: Rebellion is brand new, with a lot of cool little figures for it. Haven’t played yet, but I’ll be very pleased to set it up and give it a try. Or let others try.

Anyway. Come on down. Play more games!

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