C4 2014

This coming weekend is Central Canada Comic Con ((Affectionately referred to as C4.)) here in Winnipeg. As is my habit, I will be trundling a couple of huge bags of boardgames, card games, and RPGs ((Though I have yet to demo an RPG at C4. Came close a couple of times.)) down to the convention centre and spending the weekend teaching, demoing, loaning, and playing games with people for my good friends at Imagine Games and Hobbies.

Normally, I’m a little more on top of things for C4, but I’m just catching my breath after a bit of a marathon run at work, so I don’t have all the particulars. I know that we’re in a different spot than previous years, and I think it’s on the main level, and I’ve been told that we have four tables near the JimCon folks. Other than that, I’m going to have to search.

I don’t even have a final list of the games I’m bringing to show you. That said, there are some particular ones that I’m guaranteed to have there:

So, I’ll have those 19 games at the con for sure. I’ll probably have a few more. I’m trying not to duplicate the list of games JimCon has posted that they’re bringing, and I’m debating whether I should bring the D&D Starter Set. If you’re planning on coming by C4 to game, and there’s a game you’re particularly keen to try, give me a shout in the comments, and I’ll see if I can’t oblige.

Either way, come play some games with me.

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3 Responses to C4 2014

  1. Rick Neal says:

    I’ve finalized the game packing list. I did this by packing the games – it’s a primitive way to do it, I admit, but yields good results. 😉

    Here’s what I’ll be bringing:

    Fortune and Glory
    Race to Adventure
    Forbidden Island
    Machine of Death
    Forbidden Desert
    Letters from Whitechapel
    Fury of Dracula
    Shadows Over Camelot
    Eldritch Horror
    The Resistance
    Zombie Dice
    Cthulhu Dice
    Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
    Star Fluxx
    Zeppelin Armada
    Elder Sign
    Castle Ravenloft
    Sentinels of the Multiverse
    Shinobi Wat-aah!
    Firefly: The Game
    King of Tokyo
    King of New York
    Dungeon World
    Monster of the Week
    The Quiet Year
    Ultimate Werewolf
    Atomic Robo RPG

  2. Tim Keating says:

    Wow, Fortune and Glory at a con… WITH expansions? If someone’s running that on Saturday, I sure hope they’re not planning to do anything else!

  3. Rick Neal says:

    I BROUGHT all the expansions. Doesn’t mean you have to USE all the expansions. 😉

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