RickFest is Coming!

Several years ago, my friend Chris and I were talking ((Like you do.)). We decided that the stretch between Christmas and New Year’s Eve needed a day when we got together and played boardgames and card games. We basically flipped a coin, and decided I would host it.

Thus was RickFest born.

Each year, RickFest has grown, as those who attended the previous year ask if they can invite someone else. Last year, it became painfully obvious that my little condo could not accommodate everyone who wanted to attend ((And there were more people that I wanted to invite, but that would be madness. MADNESS!)). We closed off RickFest ((Well, RickFest Primus; in a misguided and not-to-be-repeated experiment, I broke RickFest into two days. RickFest Secundus, though fun, was not well-attended.)) last year with a 13-person game of Cards Against Humanity, which completely filled my living area, all my chairs, and a significant portion of my floor.

This year, I’ve rented a small community centre hall for RickFest and, to help defray costs, made the event a pot-luck affair. The fact that the hall can hold up to 50 people meant that I could expand my guest list significantly – if everyone shows up at once, we’ll have over 40 people there!

I suspect that the extra room, and tables, will mean that things work a little more like a game convention this year, with folks grabbing a game and a table and playing. There will probably be a couple of big games going on, filling part of the day – I’m betting on at least one game of Eldritch Horror and Firefly.

Things start around noon tomorrow, and I’ve just got a few little things to finish up today: buying some soft drinks and ice, packing and sorting some games, finishing up the cheese ball. It decided to dump some actual snow on us last night ((I know. Strange for Winnipeg in winter.)), so I’m really glad there’s not much running around needed.

Stupid snow. I hate it. But better today than tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will be dug out in time for RickFest!

Stupid snow. I hate it. But better today than tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will be dug out in time for RickFest!

So, yay! Tomorrow is RickFest, the Eleventh Most Wonderful Time of Year!

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  1. Rick Neal says:


    Got two big, big packs full of games ready to go for RickFest. I know that not all of them are going to get played, but I like having the variety and the options there. What’s in the mix for tomorrow?

    Fortune and Glory
    Lords of Waterdeep
    Elder Sign
    Fury of Dracula
    Forbidden Desert
    Race to Adventure!
    The Resistance
    Cards Against Humanity
    Star Fluxx
    Zombie Dice
    Cthulhu Dice
    King of Tokyo
    Tsuro of the Seas
    Eldritch Horror
    Firefly Boardgame
    Firefly RPG
    Sentinels of the Multiverse
    Betrayal at the House on the Hill
    Battlestar Galactica
    Beowulf the Legend
    Dungeon World
    Fate Core
    Fate Accelerated Edition
    Leverage RPG

    By my count, that’s 30 games, and I know that at least one other person is bringing a game. For the rest of my friends, if there’s something you want to play that’s not on the list, feel free to bring it along. Plenty of room, plenty of time.

    And if there’s a game you know I have that I haven’t listed above but that you want to try, let me know. We’ll see what I can do.

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