GenCon 2013 – Day Two

GenCon day two is done. A slower day at the booth, so I was able to get around the hall and finish the shopping I needed to do, plus a little extra. I wasn’t able to get everything, but I was able to confirm that the stuff I couldn’t get just wasn’t there.

I missed seeing Thomas Denagh when he came by the booth ((I was out at the time, checking out the Mayfair booth to see if I could spot Thomas Denagh. I don’t expect anyone to believe that, though.)), and Cam Banks was terribly busy when I visited the Atlas area, so I didn’t bug him. Hope to catch up with both tomorrow, just to say hello.

I also tracked down where Saladin Ahmed is making his appearances. I was too late to get in on the panel he was on discussing world building, which would have been awesome, but I did get a ticket for the reading he’s doing on Friday. I’m looking forward to the reading, and getting a chance to say hello in person.

Tonight at Games on Demand, I got into a Leverage game. I got to use the line, “I get d6 for the pornography, right?” so I count it as a win. It was a fun game, run by Bob Smith, who did an awesome job getting everyone through the adventure in the two-hour time we had available. Next time I play, though, I think I should take the Mastermind, because I kept stepping on the toes of the poor gentleman who was playing our Mastermind. I tried not to, but obviously I’m just a pushy control freak.

Now to bed. Long day tomorrow.

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