Dateline – Storm Point


I’m running Tomb of Horrors for this leg of the Storm Point campaign – indeed, for the rest of the campaign. You may not want to read on if you’re playing the game yourself.


We picked up the Storm Point game in the middle of the combat where we had left it last session. It looked for a minute like we were going to have a full house, but at the last minute, Mark decided that the birth of his daughter took precedence ((Congratulations, Mark!)). So, we lost the cleric’s player, but gained the ranger’s player, as Paul was able to make it this time.

I let Galvanys roll initiative, plugged him in to the order, but did not let him put his mini on the board just yet. When his turn came up in the initiative order, I let him pick a square to appear in, using his Fey Step ability to get him into the battle. I then let him make a Wisdom check against a DC of 25, telling him that by every 5 points he missed the roll, he’d deviate one square from the point he’d picked. But he nailed the roll, so he appeared right where he wanted.

The momentum of the battle had started to shift in the last session, but the addition of another character caused the swing a little more dramatically, and they wrapped up the combat fairly quickly, though I think a few of our heroes were badly injured, and down on healing surges by the time we finished.

After they patched themselves up, they headed into the abandoned tomb. What followed was a wonderful, frustrating, old-school treat, as the party ran made their cautious way through the tomb, trying to find the information they need to track down Acererak’s last infernal machine, and end him once and for all. At one point or another, pretty much every member of the groups said something along the lines of, “Fucking Tomb of Horrors.”

The bit I enjoyed most was the maze of tiny rooms with doors and secret doors – very old school, designed to confuse the mappers in the party, and frustrate the players. The cautious way they had to proceed through the little maze, made gun-shy by the traps they’d run into in previous adventures in the Tomb of Horrors adventures, was delightful.

They finally made it to the twisting tunnel that led to the chapel, and spent enough time cautiously exploring it that the caller in darkness arrived. It was getting late by that time, so we wrapped up. We got to open next session with a combat again, which is fine.

I’m looking forward to it.

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